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Monday, February 27, 2012

Disregard All Detractor's Claims That Target's Are Paranoid Or Over Dramatic

Believe me. I know to non TIs this sounds paranoid. And I also know that this construction project could have been planned a long time ago and its random perfectly normal.

But Targets are not paranoid. We are people who have been conditioned by years of systematic abuse that always forms a pattern. What else are we SUPPOSED to think?

Every single place you settle down in, within a few months there's a loud and lengthily construction project that begins, in front of your bedroom window if they can. Definitely to create or add to a noise campaign.
Ive experienced enough harassment where the perps did not take steps to cover thier camapign under some activity that seems perfectly normal. This fits into one of thier patterns. Its the way the gang stalking system operates and I have every right to be suspicious.

In Boston outside the BU dorms that serve as a summer hostel for travelers, I caught a Pepsi truck driver backing up repeatedly in the middle of the street. The warning beep just went on and on and on. Until I got the camera and opened the curtains to catch it on film. Then when he spotted me he looked up and immediately proceeded to leave. That isn't random or normal. I now have been around enough truck drivers to know that if u can't back that thing up once and park you are either drunk, a fairly new driver. Or a perhaps a woman (unfortunately this is a truth Ive seen in truck stops).

Anyone who writes of a gang stalking campaign that has been this long and this consistent yet has been documented to certainly be premeditated, purposeful activity. The mental and emotional part of it are certainly technology as these effects behave according to the way tech would.

As long as the general public are ignorant of the technological capabilities and the motives of those involved the system can continue to claim the Target is simply mentally ill or attention seeking.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, certain patterns that repeat themselves indefinitely, yet are difficult to prove because they are masked as everyday bad breaks. Well, the repetition of these events is part of the brainwashing, too. You have not only what appears to be everyday mishaps occurring, but these events or mishaps are always anchored to something associated with a negative or traumatic emotion.

But a lot don't seem to care or mind, because they don't dislike the system, or they are getting something from it, whether it's payoffs or entertainment or the feel good feeling of watching someone other than themselves going down. As long as they don't suffer...