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Monday, February 13, 2012

Post WWII Map Of Proposed New World Order


Anonymous said...

I like that song you posted 'just an illusion'. Never heard that before.

Medawar said...

The map and the associated text are remarkable for their denial of reality and practicality, as well as arrogance and in many cases cruelty. The Arab and Christian population of "Hebrewland" vanishes at the stroke of a pen, and the USA annexes Maderia and the Canary Islands.

Given the shambling disaster that is the Euro, one can only wonder what the proposed global equivalent would achieve.

The most striking thing, though, is that the undeveloped world at the time would be "demilitarized" presumably on the assumption that its economic underdog status would become permanent. In this you see a hint of the real agenda: slavery, of entire nations rather than individuals.

Would any Greek readers care to comment on that?