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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Considering Invisible Aliens

This is why destroying our environment doesnt make sense. Some force of intelligence set up a nice structure we should use it to survive and enjoy life not poison ourselves and all other life forms.
We should learn to enjoy each other's company becuz obviously there's no guarantee we have anyone to rely on out there other than ourselves and each other.
All we know for sure we have now is this lifetime in this body. Nothing else is really guaranteed beyond what concepts of after death humans may imagine, conceive and believe in throughout life.

Obviously our imaginations serve to keep us sane and feeling comforted in even the most dire circumstances. This is why television is such a waste its not interactive and replaces active imagination or at least supressed it for the time being. Engaging in the imagination is truly living.

Electromagnetic pollution supresses the human spirit as well as
interferes with mental states of human beings. They are unhealthy and destructive. Communicating with each other is not that important compared to our very existence. The world seems more miserable and dangerous to human beings anyway now due to existing in an unatural state of being aware of whats going on in the entire world and being able to observe the earth via internet and technologies. We arent acting like a species with that much power. We arent being responsible for it.

As far as 'aliens' scientists keep using that term. If we exist in whst we call 'Nature' then why wouldnt other intelligent life also be natural?
Using the term alien is akin to using the term 'supernatural'. It reflects human territoriality not only over land but what we percieve reality to be.

If anything we should be questioning if electromagnetic activity thats man made has interfered with the balance of interdimensional realities. If its created any sort of way for hostile forces to access our reality moreso or dulled our ability to fend off such a presence. I wonder if it covers our activities..does electromagnetic fields actually dim human beings like dimming light bulbs?

Bottom line this is not living. Anyone existing outside a narrowly defined American mainstream reality senses that.

I often wonder what guys like this discuss amongst themselves or know thats considered private to them only. So many Survivors speak of strange experiences with MILABs, RA even The Orders. And that never gets mentioned by anyone credible. Many people working on gang stalking and related subjects speak of the theory that the Orders are merely interdimensional beings. Like these reptilians people claim to see. Then again human's imaginations can be manipulated to control them.

Like I said its just easier to learn to live here and not destroy ourselves and indulge in living and the joy of being alive.

If these scientists were discussing the real problems facing humanity right now they'd have had airplane accidents and we all know it. Many many scientists who want the public to be aware of concerns about life on our own planet have been silenced and intimidated over many decades.

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