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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perps Appear For Vehicle Harassment Soon After Turn On GPS

The moment I turn on my GPS on my phone for navigation whilr walking some cop shows up and then the gs are everywhere. This neighborhood is so corrupt. Its a joke...well compared to Boston its a joke. Imagine a male dumb enough to actually admit "you can be controlled". How much of the Mexican American community is in on gs campaigns anyway?

Imagine being that vulnerable that you'd need to work for the very oppressor who took your land in the first place...while of coursr thinking you are part of a bad ass gang.

Its sad, really.

Im glad my ancestors arw all Third Wave immigrants from the turn of the century: America is f*cked up. The way its grown from the first Native genocides and that insane concept of Manifest Destiny. Kind of sounds like what is going on now with the NWO. The same screwed up power hungry attitude.

These poor suckers. Gang stalking someone whos as oppressed as they are so they dont have to feel or be realistic about being oppressed and marginalized. Perhaps in their warped minds (poverty and violence will produce that effect) they actually percieve these actions will make them somehow more American. More accepted.

It seems the system tells each group what they want to hear. The Aztec movemnt can have its way if they cooperate, people who have fallen for the Nazi mentality can have theirs (like my mother) etc etc.

Interesting how this is going very according to those murals in the Denver airport.

All these different groups working together under some Lucifer child like Nazi looking little character to form a perfect world order in future.

I personally think most people simply want favors, perks, money, a thrill and a power trip. I dont believe most of these goons are capable of being that imaginative nor thinking that deeply.

Collectively the actions of the American people involved in gs nationwide says one thing: there arw alot of unjust, corrupt citizens in the United States who have to cover up for being up to no good to begin with.

And if this IS all military we have a serious problem here in the US.

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