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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Targeted Journalist/Activist Harassed In Academic Institution


Anonymous said...

Did you see "Batvette's" comment? Sounds like disinfo agent posing like a TI. I've noticed he discredits TI's with a harsh tone of voice. The author of the blog writes The lame military contractor psyops agent "Batvette".

My humble opinion on Batvette: A rather stupid disinfo agent he is. The people behind our campaigns are rather smart indeed, and very prepared. But do they have to send the dumbest shrills? A crude dumbass posing as an intellectual is something I've gotten over and over again. And there are the morons yelling from cars. Damb. Can they be any more less subtle? Or are there two different squads: the faction that does the programming of targets, which is very subtley done, and the coercion faction, whose responsibility is to inflict pain by sending out dumb bitches yelling from cars and morons like Batvette.

They can do better than send out these types and they know it. I believe they are trying to insult us. I have gotten lots of subtle handling tactics, like the young woman who talks to me when the system knows I am in no mood for talking. Then same woman in a conversation mentions that she thought I was at [my previous job] instead of my present job. A subtle jab, rubbing in the fact that I was let go from the previous job because the perps ramped up the harassment which caused a reaction which got me fired. That's subtle. Having a lookalike operative scream stuff from an open car window when it's 19 degrees out is not so subtle.

Well, obviously someone like me is going to get targeted. I am an educator who understands all kinds of music, and esp. classical piano, which I also perform (Beethoven and Chopin and others). Then, there are the geniuses yelling from open car windows. And the two dues who appear out of a dark corner of town with no advance warning. This time they were trying to get a reaction by talking in a falsetto tone of voice, Then a woman sitting by a window in a dive shaking her head as I walk past so I could see this. I'd bet she wouldn't be shaking her head if an informant invited me to eat and drink there. I've noticed that the gangstalking stops when perps/informants invite me to sit down with them at a bar.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those geniuses yelling from cars. They obviously know they can get away fast if something happens. A TI on foot can get a lot of this. I especially love it when they send out hulking individuals to get out of their cars when I'm on foot. Yah I am so in awe of those physical specimens. If they were so impressive physically, then why aren't they on the red carpet in Hollywood, CA somewhere? Or competing in a Ms/Mr. Olympia? Why getting out to harass a target? Oh yeah, because targets are so damned important, that's why. They have to be controlled. I get treated as though I am some movie star who has damaging info on some organized crime boss. Maybe once the system comes after us, we are a huge liability if we don't get corralled and controlled 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I have had the occasional informants trying to get info or attempt some kind of interview invite me to a bar to sit down with him and have a beer,

A lot of this could just be a test, like what "Tommy" does to this one mob guy here. Pesci goes out all with the "What the f--- is so funny? Like I amuse you?" bit, and he says he is just testing the guy.

Here mob guys get glorified, and everyone else gets portrayed like weak fools compared to them in Hollywood. In reality, they make their money off of racketeering and money laundering, running front businesses while going about their crime. Just like the FBI does sometimes. Hmmm. Oh yeah, the FBI is organized crime too. How convenient. And there cover business is going after dangerous criminals and syndicates and fighting terrorism. Wow what a racket. And mob guys like Tommy can use their money to pay people off and gain an unfair advantage over their enemies. Our perps are just like Tommy here, same attitude. Very quick to anger, unlike the god of the Bible, who is omnipotent but yet slow to anger, and a loving god.

Pop quiz: how does the FBI make their money then if they are a criminal entity, laundering or racketeering? Oh, maybe Ollie North can help us with this one.

Anonymous said...

And one has to wonder why Hollywood goes to such lengths to glamorize and idol worship organized crime types. And they are portrayed as big strong gods, and everyone else is a weak fool who needs to feel ashamed. No wonder so many people get involved in playing harassment roles. They see this in movies, and of course these organized crime guys are always made out to be romantic villains, like their business is so heavily romanticized, like their existence is part of the American dream. So of course the nobodies have to get involved to become associated with what they are seeing in Hollywood. But they don't understand that movies about mob bosses and crime families are fictional based on real people. I doubt if they really operate this way. They are made out to be honourable people rebelling against the evils of society. Again that is fishy to me. Of course, they know the public loves these types of movies, and the writers are trying to make a buck. But organized crime does get involved in Hollywood at some point, and of course deifying themselves while marginalizing everyone else helps them control those parts of society they are preying upon. The Mafia itself is basically a cult. I've heard a commenter on TV one time put it that way.

Mike C said...

Unrelated to this post. As constantly trying to put in to few words for a title of what we as targets are going through, and I came up with a term "Death By Abandonment, Abuse, and Conflict"