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Friday, February 10, 2012

An Electromagnetic Quiet Zone Surrounds A Telescope In Virginia

Makes sense that theres alot of tunneling going on and perhaps to live underground.

I googled "electtomagnetic free communities" and found this link. Sadly theres nothing listed thats obvious so I need to keep looking.

I cannot believe humans generally are either this dumb or this spineless. The lack of outrage on this has got to be an effect of mass control of the population. There are just too many other issues and many diversions.

We never asked for this. Many of us feel the ENTIRE PLANET is now saturated or nearly so with electromagnetic pollution with NO RIGHTS TO AN ALTERNATIVE LIVING SPACE OR LIFESTYLE. People act like its normal to live this way.

Its not and people have a right to live otherwise. These conditins shouldnt be forced upon us yet other kinds of pollutions have. Nuclear waste, air pollution etc.
Those affect humans but not in ways so short term or directly detectable.

Its laughable in this article above when he writes that "public safety trumps research". Public health and safety are in grave danger from electromagnetic pollution.
Its WIRED so you're going to get their typical style of moreso intimating unpopular issues that matter than directly dealing with them. The author manages to paint the Quiet Zone keeper as an old hippie derelict who lives a loner and chatters like a mentally ill person when dealing with the issue of electromagnetic pollution. He wont even touch on the issues of or existence of electromagnetic pollution.

At least the article lets us know there is such a place which is mainly why I posted it.

Ive already ponderered if you can squat there in good weather.

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