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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bush And Mexican Mafia/Pro Mexican Policies

People are so clueless. Do you honestly believe the CIA or other covertly active factions would allow this to happen? Just admit finally that Bush and Co (and cronies) are hooked into crime. Uh, Iran Contra...heellooo. Wake up!. (I still think its creepy how much Ollie North resembles G.W. Bush).

Economies and business are based on dishonesty. However this theory is possible. I just dont know how likely it is considering how powerful Bush was and is.
I recall back in the 80s, much of the public, including silly people who dont see nuances, like my mother-she would parrot the popular sentiment that Bush was a wimp. I absolutely could not believe that once again adults were so stupid-and blind. It was so obvious he was a wirey but highly intelligent type and definately a plotter, schemer and executer of long term, delicate 'planning' if you will. When I watch that ridiculous video on YouTube that claims it shows Bush is reptilian becuz of close ups of his eyes, I can see the very old Italian family in there. The families that have been running the world for centuries.
He perhaps is programmed (extremely sophisticated if so) but not reptilian. Not the way conspiracy theorists propose 'reptilians' exist in this world.

I dont have inside information as to why Bush favors Mexican Mafia or Mexican policies but I do have information the author and average people dont have about career criminals being untouchable, protected and during Bush basically brought up in status in the world where as innocents like me were destroyed. That tells you something: that organized crime is part of a country's economy and its politics. Add to that various connections to the military, its industrial complex and contractors then its academic part whom were always involved in things like Project Paperclip and MK Ultra.

Where the money is is what matters. Bush is a politician. He represents special interests. I dont believe one gets powerful by being honest and representing the people.

The harassment I get around here, is that becuz its local or connected to the Mexican Mafia presence in the area?

It doesn't matter anymore. From what I have seen nationwide the power structure has alllowed and encouraged various groups of animals to destroy and overun the country.
I just realized tonight that part of the reason for this is white people in general are suckas, that is what they have allowed themselves to become. And that beimg from the northeast we are one of the few areas where whites, rich and poor (poor having a strong ethnic identity- Irish, Italian etc) will crush any group that gets too ridiculous and wants to overun an entire area.
I never realized that to a Bostonian, the concept of White Flight doesnt exist. We'll burn the neighborhood down with riots before we'll allow any invading group to take it like that.

I now realize that the whites I see in areas like this are meek, have no idea who there European ancestors really are culturally and other than racism here down south keeping the animals under control, the average white person caves in to intimidation. And the women are alot more wimpy as well. New Yorkers would never tolerate the disrespect I am experiencing down here. The guys would be shot or maced.
But the rest of the country isnt Boston or NY or RI. The blacks here mind their P's and Q's but the Mexicans suck and I have never experienced that, other than Pheonix, AZ. Mostly the ghetto ones. They seem to perceive they invented tough. Its pathetic.
There is a system in place that perpetuates ignorance about whites and creates racism towards whites and Political Correctness and Diversity cover for this operation.

The system knows exactly what its doing. Nowadays if its not totally unbearable, arrogant, violent blacks in an area its Mexicans who suck. If not any of those then YUPpies have taken over an area and they are worse than Mexicans being ignorant.

The system pretends to have created equality and opportunity but its way of doing so came out alongside thug and gangsta culture which empowered these groups with racism, sexism and violence. Thus the legit official line is simply to silence average people (of all classes and races) against speaking out against the take over of our country by ghetto culture(s). Specifically African American and Mexican. YUPpie is what whites are supposed to become in order to escape the fate of being sucked into (or destroyed by) ghetto culture(s).

Its total social control. And the agenda I am working against is one of the elite and military industrial complex and its contractors, psychiatry etc. Not interfering with organized crime's activities. So why so many extremely nasty blacks and local thugs where ever I go? Even in a small farm town in Baltimore OH I will get the exact same tactical gs I get anywhere else.) They use locals. And I suspect they utilize whatever crime syndicate is local for manpower. Unless its strictly black ops either govt direct or outsourced to companies and if that is so, you've got alot of assholes willing to fuck with Targets for pay and often its done as.if its personal. What's up with that?)

From what I have seen gang stalkers are hateful people usually under or products of mind control themselves who are too stupid or weak of Will to understand that. They have a cult-like hatred for the Target. Everyone I experienced has hatred for me, from Romney's family member Laura to the Mexican girl in the super market here the other day.

I think that the system is indeed producing a Satanic world view, by punishing anyone who or destroying anything gentle, beautiful or classical. They seem to favor humans who are animals. Humans who act like agvressive beasts. They encourage this and discourage civility and intellectualism. GS is very active and common in academia.

Bush is certainly an agent of these changes and both Bush's have been instrumental to bringing on not only the Satanic Age but in creating the enslavement of mankind marketed deceptively as a New World Order.

Ghetto types and YUPpies taking every major city in an entire nation provides alot of control over everyone else. Getting such people heavily involved in the prison system, psychiatry and smoking the new marijuana which is not natural but man made basically now, and far too strong to be healthy- are all ways of controlling their thug soldiers to unleash on the nation. They control these people who, alomg with The Homeless, control everyone else basically with what amouts to terrorism.


Its not simply blackmail. Its an agenda. One that I dont even know if they themselves are fully conscious of or if they are just going according to plan...internal plans if you know what I mean. (Survivors will understand).


Anonymous said...

I caught a couple episodes of Seinfeld over the past couple of months. Never was really crazy about the shows. It seemed like the show had a heavier dose of psy-ops than even the recent shows. At least it seems that way. It could be that old shows like Seinfeld have episodes that are picked to air based on what targets are going through, giving the impression the shows themselves have psy-ops. Don't see what was so great about the show, but I just had the opportunity to watch some other shows based on some time off from my work.

Anonymous said...

From what I've experienced, it seems like the more good things I do, the more "they" seem to hate me, and the more effort is put into trying to nullify me and my positive feelings.

It's like on Tuesday, when I spent extra time after class, and then I went to the main college campus to talk to other instructors and get actively involved. After all that was over, I returned home, went to the Subway. The two young women there were having this exaggerated directed conversation to get me pissed: "Gee, I didn't think HE would come back!" and a response by the other of "I wonder if they're paying him to come here?" Basically, they were spoofing what I was saying about the perps, where I mentioned they have to be getting paid to do what they do to me (and all TIs), because surely they couldn't hate us that much?? Yet it seems to be the case, they do what they do driven out of irrational hatred for the target. Hence, the sarcastic and hateful directed conversation I got. Interesting how they don't seem to get as intense with their hatred if I spend the day being non-productive.

Why is it that the more involved I get in doing good things, the more baloney I encounter from them in the form of sarcasm? I'm sorry that I don't have an awesome lifetime career working at Subway like they do.