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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mexican Extremist Hate Groups Perform GS As Part Of Deal With US Power Structures?

Well this is what I probably ran into in AZ, NM and here in Texas. I havent however had such a problem with this demographic in San Diego where I get hatassment from blacks and the young white rich population there. Then again perhaps I simply didn't notice due to those other two demographics as diversions. I was harassed in Chila Vista on the border by a Mexican man in a truck and it was obviously related to gang stalking as the content was a reference to something personal.
Come to think of it Chila Vista is where I get harassed by gang stalkers if I leave downtown which is very managed more...subtly.

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Anonymous said...

Gangstalking started with me today more than it has for the last couple of weeks. It seemed to start after I made a comment about how the president got voted in to office on his 'hope, and change' campaign. And how it proves americans to be dumb. Hope is what helps me win the lotto. Hope is like a wish upon a star, how the f can someone get elected on a campaign like that. Not that the other guy would have been any better.