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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Anonymous said...

Could this be setting a precedent, that targets have no right to privacy, therefore they would not be able to sue?

Note the quote:

Among other things, the judge wrote in her opinion that "Incarcerated persons have no right of privacy in prison. Plaintiff's incarceration is a matter of public record" so revealing that in an online video doesn't violate his rights.

Anonymous said...

So it's obvious psych. warfare and mass mind control have been around since humans evolved just enough to be smart enough to invent such things in the first place. This implies there always was a "New World Order" of varying intensities and reaches long before Bush came along. So all Bush was saying was in a nutshell the New New World Order is far easier to implement because of tech. that's been around.

I saw the one comment in that link you posted, where the guy says he's in his 50's yet he's heard of through the wall radar being used when he was a young adult. Of course I believe it. Then there are unexplained ancient art drawings which depict some sort of invasion by high-tech beings.


In about the 4th grade we had a man tell us that they could see through walls. It was some kind of talk for the school . I am 61 so figure it out. They have been able to do this for a long long time. This is old news.

Another commenter questions his claims:

walls, what does that mean? A paper wall, a drywall, or 6 feet of concrete wall? Also, the real time processing, display, and resolution was definately not around when you were in fourth grade. And by resolution I do not mean screen resolution.

Anonymous said...

A disinfo agent or a skeptic? I've had strange experiences with sleep and dreams in the 70's, and I do not live in a high-tech area. Yet others have talked about similar experiences in the 70's as well, the late 70's in particular. In '74 or '75, when I was in kindergarten, I out of the blue had this notion that other people can hear my inner voice, so I started to make this concerted effort to squelch or quiet my inner voice so others wouldn't be able to "hear" my thoughts.

And I wonder where this "notion" came from? Again, not from a high tech area, the tech wasn't that sophisticated back then, yet how to explain those fears? Maybe it was my natural senses that were telling me what was to come (i.e. premonitions of what was to come in the distant future). Around this time I was having recurring dreams over a span of at least a week. Same dream every night.

I'm starting to think there was tech stashed away and kept secret back in '75. You could actually do it. The equipment, like the computers doing the monitoring wouldn't have this amazing computing power per unit volume (density), but they could still possibly build the circuits required.

Some ways this is technologically feasible:

Early developments of the integrated circuit go back to 1949, when the German engineer Werner Jacobi (Siemens AG) [1] filed a patent for an integrated-circuit-like semiconductor amplifying device [3] showing five transistors on a common substrate arranged in a 2-stage amplifier arrangement. Jacobi disclosed small and cheap hearing aids as typical industrial applications of his patent. A commercial use of his patent has not been reported.

The idea of the integrated circuit was conceived by a radar scientist working for the Royal Radar Establishment of the British Ministry of Defence, Geoffrey W.A. Dummer (1909–2002). Dummer presented the idea to the public at the Symposium on Progress in Quality Electronic Components in Washington, D.C. on May 7, 1952.[4] He gave many symposia publicly to propagate his ideas, and unsuccessfully attempted to build such a circuit in 1956.


So Dummer was unsuccessful in building an IC chip back in 1956. BUt he was successful by the late 50's. There could have been small-scale circuits in use since the late 50's, which would enable some research outfit to covertly build remote sensing/thought decoding/computing devices in the 60's sometime. Some TI's talk about having these things done to them in the early 60's. Then they could always store the data on what was available,

In 1973, IBM introduced a new type of hard drive codenamed "Winchester."

So if they could do remote monitoring of targets back then, in 1973 and after they could store the data on a hard drive. So it is feasible that I could have been monitored/interfaces since 1975. Could that be where the notions that certain parties could hear my inner thoughts

Anonymous said...

Then I'd have to question what other uses the ATS-6. It seemed to have enough capabilities to remotely monitoring unwitting subjects, and broadcast the results somewhere. That was 1974.

"ATS-6 was a precursor to many technologies still in use today on geostationary spacecraft: large deployable antenna, 3-axis attitude control with slewing capabilities, antenna pointing through RF sensing, electric propulsion, meteorological radiometer in geostationary orbit, and direct to home broadcasting. It is also possible that ATS-6 was a forerunner of the large ELINT satellites such as Mentor"

So it is possible to have this sort of thing happen around 1974-1975, being monitored and interfaced for the use of nonconsensual human experimentation.

Anonymous said...

MENTOR, sometimes called Advanced Orion by observers, is reportedly a code-name for a class of United States spy satellites that collect signals intelligence (SIGINT) from space. Operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and developed with input from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), three were launched from Cape Canaveral on Titan IV and Titan IVB rockets between 1995 and 2003, with a fourth launched on a Delta IV-H in 2009.

ATS-6 was a forerunner to these satellites. ATS-6 was launched in 1974, and probably could do remote monitoring on human subjects, albeit in a cruder form than its successor.

So the tech was possible back in the mid to late 70's as I suspected to do a complete monitoring/control of a human test subject. Possible. That could possibly explain the strange dreams I was getting in the mid 70's as a kid, i.e. recurring dreams, bad dreams where I could not wake up from. Around 1976 I had one particular dream where I could not wake up from. It started out pleasant, the mood got worse as the dream progressed, and ended with me being chased by an unseen assassin which I could not quantify. In 1975-1976 or so this happened. Some odd sleep occurrences would continue until 1979. Maybe those were just sleep-disorder related. Or maybe it was the "Eye in the Sky" ATS-6 or related satellites facilitating the experimenters.

In 1966 a social worker at a PHS VD clinic in San Francisco objected to the study, and, in 1972, he tipped a reporter at Associated Press. (pp. 191-193, 203-205). The initial reaction of the PHS was that they had a public relations problem on their hands, but they had done nothing unethical.

AIDS could have been a manufactured virus, a topic various TI's have raised yet I was always skeptical.

1970 - Funding for the synthetic biological agent is obtained under H.R. 15090. The project, under supervision of the CIA, is carried out by the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, the army's top-secret biological weapons facility. Speculation is raised that molecular biology techniques are used to produce AIDS-like retroviruses.

1970 - United States intensifies its development of "ethnic weapons" (Military Review, Nov., 1970), designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA.

1975 - The virus section of Fort Detrick's Center for Biological Warfare Research is renamed the Fredrick Cancer Research Facilities and placed under supervision of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) . It is here that the U.S. Navy initiates a special virus cancer program is initiated, purportedly to develop cancer-causing viruses. It is also here that retrovirologists isolate a virus to which no immunity exists. It is later named HTLV (Human T-cell Leukemia Virus).

1977 - Senate hearings on Health and Scientific Research confirm that 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969. Some of the areas included San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Key West, Panama City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

1978 - Experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials, conducted by CDC, begin in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ads for research subjects specifically ask for promiscuous homosexual men.