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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gee, I Guess It DOES Pay To Be Poor

I am so glad I am outta that place.

Its so downright evil...and then everyone lies about whats really going on and hides behind Children's Hospital and Harvard as if thats what really defines Massachusetts. Whatever.
I love the 40s crass 'message'-the car left in Boston's Italian North End. Its about as subtle nowadays as a fish wrapped in newspapers with someone's tie in there.
With how many different kinds of criminal groups there are nowadays internationally who now have business in every region and city this almost looks like framing up the Italian mafia to take the blame. Which is typical of the mind f*ck era of deception we live in.

Then again it might be the old reliables up to their same old tricks as usual. Its a great piece of terrorism really.

Of course, the most vile, evil murderous sinister people involved are NOT the murderers of course, but all these assholes jumping in front of interviewers almost as if on cue to asure everyone that they were totally normal, nice and upstanding and no one can understand the mysterious circumstances of this "senseless" crime. A politician, a cop and a woman with an Italian last name have spoken out already. Well it made 'sense' to someone who takes care of business professionally obviously.

People in different 'connected' neighborhoods will sit around in a few weeks discussing what really happened, faintly with only a few details but that will be enough for everyone to know who and whats really behind this. While the public remain mystified. They live like its normal up there. Its such a sick sick place. A few hail Mary's and its all done. I swear Catholicism breeds MPD.

Thats who makes me most sick, everyone covering for an entire region of the country thats like this. Then again its better to be organized and neat than, say, to live in Cali with those overt sloppy morons out there. Or other pieces of sh*t like St Louis who also have no finesse whatsoever and enjoy ruining their quality of life for crime.

Humans are absolute beasts and no amount of NWO, meds, science or technology is going to change that.

Until the power structure truly reveals how they do things and genuinely cleans up crime and corruption, the NWO promising world peace is absolute bullsh*t. This is why those of us who are still SANE who havent been sucked in realize that humans could never be capable of total world peace. Its a deception. Especially when you have the media centralized and controlled to selectively tell you what is being cleaned up when in fact the system is the same.

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Anonymous said...

could you do a post on areas you experienced more gangstalking?
i have a chance to move to cali, but ive heard its a hotspot.