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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Skeptic's Thread Is Very Unscientific About Gang Stalking

Another thread where even when evidence is presented that backs up claims of gang stalking, people insist on denying its existence.

Totally misrepresented and without any q & a with an actual TI. Its not a very scientific method is it? Yet they fancy themselves 'skeptics'.

Even if people are not perps, are not in on it, most westerners especially Americans will not want to admit there are TIs especially if its someone they know.

Its amazing that no one has seen the Presidential Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments (which includes MK Ultra). Its as if that and other undeniable evidence of black projects and corruption is kept from the public even though its all right there for anyone to see.

I really believe that there are people who know whats happening to us and everyone else is in denial.

I think I've read enough statements from many citizens that say that they agree and would go along with anything the military needed to do to keep the country safe and strong. This is their main motive even though many other things are their excuse for helping an oppressive system keep a TI down.

When a country has gotten to the point that ours has basically we are living in East Germany except materialism is a natural part of this culture. The people still live in denial about what they are doing to the victims.

This exact attitude has been documented by authors interviewing citizens of East Germany who were part of the Stasi era there. Its amazing how human beings will go along with this so they can live normally.


Anonymous said...

But they actually had a strong manufacturing industry in East Germany, had good engineering all the way through production. Almost nothing is made in America anymore. Everything is made in countries with cheap slave labor, and imported over here. That must be the new goal: to have everything made in countries where the maximum among of production can be had at the cheapest cost. Nothing is made here; we are more like a "think tank" anymore that does global policing. And I keep hearing that other nations have better education systems than over here. Really the only thing the US excels at is getting its citizens involved in harassing targets and keeping quiet about it and threatening everyone. There is a lot of stalking, but very little of anything of value produced over here.

When I go shopping, I see that even decent quality clothes are "Made in Vietnam" or "Made in Indonesia" or "Made in China". What exactly do they make over here anyways? Or maybe that is part of the plan, to oppress and suppress rather than to produce quality goods and good music and art.

Kevin R said...

It's tempting to jump into that shark tank of a forum because it appears like these people care about all these hard to understand topics. I don't think they actually care about the actual topic of conversation. My read is that they are what they call themselves, which are skeptics who, as they are defined, habitually or instinctively doubt, disagree with, or question assertions. It doesn't matter what topic you bring up, as the discussion is never going to get anywhere because nobody will ever agree on anything.