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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sundown Towns

If I ever have the time when this is all over I am going to write a book about urban areas whites are not allowed in after dark or certain streets in San Diego where gringos its well known are not welcome etc.

It seems that I have to leave San Antonio becuz its a sundown town on women basically. After dark one has absolutely no freedom here except perhaps strictly touristy downtown.

Thats totally messed up. However I don't sit here and act butt hurt over it. I considered trying to change it but decided I had bigger battles so I am simply leaving becuz the culture doesn't suite me. Ive experienced many times in San Antonio the wealthy neighborhoods using what seems like community watch to keep someone like me from even walking down the street at night to get back downtown. Its just the way it is.

I am sure if I wanted to walk through parts of Detroit or Atlanta or Memphis or Roxbury MA at night that I wouldn't be welcome. No one is noting that. Nor is anyone noting how in this day and age places like San Antonio still are sexist in an extreme that should only be reserved for Mexico or a Muslim country etc. Thats what it is like here. It is one of the most singularly sexist pieces of sh*t I have ever encountered. Its unbelievable the way I was treated as a TRAVELER trying to catch a ride out today. Its the most backwards place Ive been probably ever as far as being a lone female traveler.

Am I going to make a federal case out of it? No just stay away. They're always going to be morons and thats that. The women here say they grew up with it, they are used to it. Men constantly stalking them in vehicles after dark. Ridiculous.

Big cities that are cosmopolitan and some YUPpie suburbs are fine for 'diversity' but certain areas humans are always going to feel safer if they know who's in that area. Thats how HUMANS are.

For those of us who's ancestors are Third Wavers (European ancestors came turn of last century) we have little patience for the dynamics and historical gripes and games in place before we arrived. Ask any Italian what they think about slavery in America. Depending on the person they will of course be varied answers but none will have any white guilt sentiment what so ever. Except perhaps to acknowledge that Italy enslaved and conquered many countries and peoples in Europe in 'ancient' times.

Most Irish from Boston will feel the same way.

These are people who aren't stupid about being 'white' or rather the history of thier European ethnicity. Its easy to sucker in less ethnically aware Caucasians into run of the mill American 'white' identity. This identifies all whites with slave ownership or oppression. Ignorance creates racism and nowadays that plus PC and identifying race then forcing a preplanned system of Diversity or pushing racial integration (with TOTAL disregard for culture) has created a more viscous nasty strain of racism than I recall in the old days.

Decades ago not all whites were intolerant. The culture ran the gamet from staunch racists to people who chose to race mix and intermarry.

My grandmother has never had a problem with gays. She seemed accepting of their presence in society and always said in the old days one just didn't come out with it but people knew two women living together in a certain manner for instance meant they were in a romantic relationship.

All of her dislike of other ethnic groups was a healthy response to protecting herself in her environment or from natural competition between groups during early Third Waver immigration. I don't think many Mexicans or blacks from Cali are aware that Italians and Irish were 'racist' towards each other in MA until the last few decades. Like in my grandmothers day it was totally normal as the Irish arrived in bulk 20 years before the major Italian influx so felt very threatened. And more 'Latin' ways were cited with hatred by the fairer more Northern European type Irish.

Western culture has developed a sick demented Nazi like plan for control over a free society by devising ways of forcing humans away from natural intergration via cohabitation and free association and coercing us into FALSE divisions based on things that shouldn't even matter if you are just human.

Anyone concerned with race is a racist and we as humans, many of us are going to be that way at times some of us by nature. For some its a non issue.

If Americans and other westerners don't see that this culture is now very Orwellian in part due to reducing us to races just as we would be reduced to numbers then you aren't paying attention to what's really going on around you.

We aren't allowed to be human. Its a corporate mentality culture now and no one even notices how inhuman and unnatural that is. Its to form a society of better CONSUMERS and people who will behave moreso and go along with an agenda.

We should be concerned with sundown towns when we are concerned with making ALL areas of the US safe for EVERYONE to co-exist in not just specific ethnic groups.

In fact I am so disgusted with race relations nowadays I should consider checking out such places. But I'd probably be too Yankee or something. Thats the thing about being Third Waver descended nowadays in such a racially focused yet forced false 'diversified' culture- I don't fit in anywhere. I am often too ethnic for very white neighborhoods but ethnic neighborhoods consider me 'white'. Its totally ignorant.

As a TI it only adds to the stress and its obvious alot of current social conditions in this country were planned to be part of society when the system came after certain TIs with 24/7 campaigns. Getting gang stalked in an all white community reduces the normal social BS by doing away with any racial elements leaving only sexism and classism as possible alternatives to what might be motivating people to act badly towards a Target. It makes it easier to put each incident into proper categories.

'GS' 'random: sexism' 'random: classism' random/typical: jealous female behavior' , 'mobbing: based on cover story'.

Then again in that Mexican neighborhood I was just living in perps were easy to spot becuz they had the bad attitude of stupid uppity white people (males) or thought they were gangsta (females) whereas everyone else was pretty cool. I just can't deal with the trolling in cars from men.

Essentially how hard its become for poor whites to live anywhere comfortably in the US seems very preplanned to coincide with Targets having campaigns turn 24/7 in 2003.

Its very much a part of creating the NWO society. This is even detailed in the murals in Denver airport. There seems to be target groups to be killed and then there seems to be a little Nazi-esque Lucifer who guides all the desirable Diversified ethnic peoples into a perfect world after all the stages planned are gone through.

However since I don't see any cell towers eminating signals to control human behavior one has to realize this artwork is all a con. A deception. In reality they desire to get rid of anyone who actually understands or has concrete knowledge of whats going on. Its not a perfect world either, its the enslavement of mankind of all humanity. Why else would they leave out of their precoius psyche out murals of this saga, the use of mass mind control? Why not paint some chemtrails in there?

As a very talented visual artist who drew like a pro before all this destroyed that I have an understanding of paintings. I can read this and its childish and its bullshit. The symbolism is so easy to understand almost childish. Which tells me the artist didn't take effort to hide this symbolism from those not in the know or other artists.

Nowadays I dream of someplace where society actually functions properly and people become more peaceful naturally. WHAT are the people in power afraid of that they must have such heavy handed order?

One theory is the environment is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. Tech and ultimate order and many diversions would continue to hide this from the public as well as 'manage' human populations throughout the crises even possibly create a totally false environment for humans to exist in.
Doesn't HAARP have the tech to control the weather?

The idea that society has to be forcibly rearranged to be made just and fair is idealistic but the problem lies in not taking in all the information and data to make truly fair and just decisions in doing so. Then one must ask who IS guiding such information for such decision making? Obviously the guiding forces have it figured out beforehand. Way before.

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Anonymous said...

With regard to your comment that the system is closing in, I'd say just go on like you didn't hear it. Whatever happens happens. They obviously want you to be all scared just because they "know" something is bound to happen. As targets, we have to be like 9 lives and cheat death over and over again. I don't know how I've managed to survive this long. There are some people they just can't get.

I do get directed conversations like this all the time. The thing to remember is: they are terrorists. They obviously know something, but their job is to terrorize you and other targets. And since you are rebelling against them, they are going to be working harder on the psych. warfare side of things, and directed conversations are a huge part of the delivery of psy warfare, in my experience.