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Thursday, February 16, 2012

America Exactly Like Nazi Germany, Silent Holocaust Completes Comparison

The author doesnt seem to take into their comparison the silent holocaust aka 'gang stalking'-the destruction of targeted individuals. Thats becuz these methods are modern, streamlined 21 century means of destroying people.

The Jews don't seem to be the focus this time. Israel is doing pretty well and so is Hollywood. Vegas, NY and Miami. Thats becuz the Nazis went after more than just Jews. Its pointless to try to consider or understand why the Nazis of history differ so from whats going on today. Project Paperclip shows that these ways of doing things never ceased.

The author also doesnt consider also out of ignorance perhaps, mass mind control. Its whats covert and hidden from view that completes the comparison. Its also these that can trace the past to today's world. That it never stopped, the dream was never dismantled and then reconstructed or imitated by peoples of today. Its a continuation of what once existed so blatantly.

Its THIS idea that keeps the public in denial about whats happening today.
Its no fun to be on the list of persons to be exterminated or even re-educated, believe me.

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