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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GS More Intense Now Ive Changed My Residency

Ever since I switched my address here ive experienced more detailed harassment. Cars wait for me outside of places. And its very tactical -they only drive off when I get close. Thats not survaillence and thats not guardian angel work (watchimg out for someone) thats harassment and mind fucking.

I am not going to confess any information or such behavior. I might sue the FBI however becuz thats what people kept saying years ago. Thats whos behind this...and since I never got a subpeona....well. Its harassment then.

I mean I cant walk a block without being harassed. Downtowm is worse than ever. Security guards at hotels, bus drivers beeping twice at me, random civilians along the sidewalk. Its incredible how the games been intensified just within a day or so. And the tech here is TERRIBLEL


Anonymous said...

And perhaps its best that way, that we leave the cesspool to creatures like the gang stalking perpetraters. They excel in dishonesty violence, ugly artwork, stupid sit cons and everything appealing to the lowest common denominator.

You forgot spying and voyeurism. Spying and voyeurism are top priority for the sickos, and are some of the perks that the perps get for being in on these campaigns. It seems like those strangers and other ordinary citizens we encounter are privy to knowledge they shouldn't have. That indicates someone or agency powerful enough to spy without cameras is handing them info about us as part of their perks or rewards. That too has become part of the New (Cesspool) America, the Police State. It's very important to be in on top secret info about targets these days. And in general they are underachievers or unimpressive people who are incapable of professional spying who know this stuff about us. This raises the question: if there is some entity that powerful to have all this intel about us, why are these types given access to info about individuals? Maybe there are top-ranking perps who are putting this info out somewhere. But why would a govt. agency or military agency give these types access to this info?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned: Cars wait for me outside of places. And its very tactical -they only drive off when I get close. Funny, I just got a guy in a pick-up truck doing that to me last night. That must've been one of the perps' exercises for the evening, doing tactics that you mention in your blog before you even blog them. And it's just because you blogged about it hours later. (Remember that they have some means of looking ahead of a target's future, so that's how they get their operatives and drones in place in advance of the targets actually doing something.)

Anonymous said...

And I get mirroring of things you blog about. Probably to harass me out of reading your blog. Of course, this is not going to happen (letting them intimidate me out of read your blog. Let them cry all they want.) Like the one guy who came into the place where I was eating, he beeped twice as he was getting out of his van with his remote door lock.

Anonymous said...

They get more than protected: they get paid off, rewarded, and spoiled like newborns.