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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dont Even Think About It

Oh I see. Is this the point or phase where Dr Emmerich's letter she wrote when I left MA and moved to AZ becomes your little self fulfilling prophecy?

I think not.

If you screw with me or frame me or beef up or dramatize anything I say on this blog I will start talking about Boston, Julia and even my uncle's affairs, etc and ruin multiple lives within mere minutes over the internet. Ill send thst shit to the feds...or we can play slow venom and nothing in my book gets changed-names nothing. I will tell every single piece of information I know and THAT is something the public will believe and listen to.

One perp once mentioned that " they should all be kissing your ass". Yet YOU ALL chose to be greedy and make a game out of this.

Too bad for you.

Theres a higher order. And you will all answer to it the way everyone does. One by one, youll pay.

You think shit comes free? Do you think taking someone's life comes without price?

You can keep ignoring me but I know what I am owed and I will extract payment sooner or later.

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