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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

This Location Works For Some Reason Even Though I am Heavily Stalked and Harassed Here

I'm sick and tired of their being so many people always around me who always make me feel bad or look down on me or seem to disapprove of every little thing I do
Its like 80% of the people I come into contact with in a day. I'm tempted to claim '80% of the country' but I realize that I dont come into contact with 100% of the USA on a daily basis so thats totally inaccurate. It simply means that in this location the gs system has coverage on me most of the time and the people I am experiencing doing these things , isolating me and keepig me down are gang stalkers.

Its just unbelievable that so much of this neighborhood works for The Man. They all fancy themselves ghetto thugs or Mexican mafia types. Yet those two factions indeed do work for the oppressing governing authority (or they wouldnt be allowed to exist nor stay in business).

I would leave this moldy humid hot place full of many racist Mexicans. But I know damn well that if I leave this house ITS GOING TO BE THE SAME NO MATTER WHERE I GO.
I keep getting ideations as well as almost nonstop constant in person harassment that makes me want to leave. But WHY LEAVE? Wby should I leave this location? EVERYWHERE ELSE I GO its the same: each city and town in the USA is either made miserable by tech management or in person stalking/harassment. This place is different. There is something here that offsets all their efforts.

I keep picturing people sometimes who I get this idea are major factors in my harassment: Jake's mother, Phil Peters...people who all have motives to want me silenced. There are so many.

But nothing and no one compares to whats behind MK Ultra. Those people and that mess back in Boston is minimal compared to what Ive SEEN while traveling as a TI, especially during MILABs. My mind should have been blown long before now.

I need to finish.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I warn gangstalking parents that the future for their children is not well. And that they as parents should seek help in order to prevent their sick selves from acting on their desires to molest their own children. You should see their faces when I tell them that. Now what would I do for fun in the new boring usa if there was no gangstalkers to mess with.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever just start a conversation with a gangstalker, and explain how the gangstalking system works, and as they are listening make sure you actually tell them that gangstalkers are a network of child molesters, and alot have to participate in order to avoid getting into trouble for their sick ways. It is so funny watching their expression. I don't tell them I am victim of g.s, just that I learned of this on the news.