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Saturday, March 21, 2009

That last post on suicide

Now you know the one thing in this is not to trust anyone..even me. How do you know I am not an operative? Always try to think for yourselves.

Also I dont want people offing themselves. The point of that post was to NOT off yourself but also to illustrate that we are suffering and no one is listening.

The only people who occasionally pay attention are people like that twart who did the NY Times article about how we are all delusional. And he totally misrepresented our experiences as well. I dont recall the walls ever talking to me...maybe YOU took too much LSD while going to big school in Britain douche, but I dont hear voices like that. Moron. How many more times are they going to send idiots like that to discredit us. He's lucky this isnt old tyme England becuz we'd be outside his house with an f-ing effigy set alight. Bollocks you arsehole.

See all the fun things you can do to continue the fight? Yes, I agree with right to die but I'd much rather see you stay and fight. Becuz I want to rub these jerks faces in it if we win.

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Medawar said...

Cyanide is not a good choice for suicide: there are a lot of myths about how it works, many of them believed in by qualified doctors. What it actually does, is prevent the blood transporting oxygen, so your lungs and heart work very hard, while they can, but cannot even get the oxygen to power themselves, and stop. It can take quite a while. The CIA had to invent something a lot kinder for its suicide pills, as it found that agents who knew what cyanide was really like, threw the pills away.

There were (and apparently still are) some experimental psychiatrists at the University of Sussex, who want permission to use LSD as a "therapy" for schizophrenia. The Medical Research Council has been consistently refusing licences to conduct such research since the nineteen forties, but psychiatrists tend to assume that anyone who disagrees with them is irrational, even the Medical research Council, so they did some experiments anyway.

The man who pissed you off was from King's College, London. (Not to be confused with King's College, Cambridge). If he took part in the unlicensed experiments, and he's arrogant enough for this, he could probably be charged with administering a noxious substance, this is a criminal assault, and carries a seven year sentence.

Medawar likes to remind these people of the laws they break, in trying to "correct" the behaviour of people who are breaking no laws at all.