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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moved to another shelter El Paso, more harassment

Had to leave the other place for legit health concerns (as usual). Went to shelter that is very well known here and usually well run. In shelters that pride themselves on being well run the harassment will be arranged to come from a client that later staff can act like it was an isolated incident or it was other guests...not coming from thier place or staff. If they set it up right, the higher ups who want a well run place need not know what is going on in the individual shelter. I have experienced this before.

I should have known and for reasons I wont get into.
I was harassed and it was outrageous. I went to staff and finally they said they would handle it. Once they learned that the woman who abused me was being passed off to me as staff he couldnt act like I was just being spoiled or complaining (which is a common way to cover for harassment with me).

He said I shouldnt document what happened becuz, of course he would take care of it for me (contain it at this level is what he is doing).
We'll see.

What creeped me out the most is that he said something like " Its keeping you in line.. you arent letting anyone push you around or crossing that line"... it actually sounded like he was advocating harassment as behavior modification of some kind. Does that incluce ruining my health, my talent and my lungs due to mold exposure? Or all the torture I have suffered?

What needs to be 'kept in line' is the atypical harassment and stalking that survivors of MK Ultra and the radiation experiments get per usual.

I listened at the door of the woman who perpetrated the abuse last night. Last night later I heard her planning something for tonite and trying to get another woman in on it by telling her to give me a certain chore where the bleach she would force me to use would make me sick. Hearing this I figured it was in my best interest to tell staff this morning. I also heard the woman trying to convince the other woman to go along by manipulation and rationalizing:

One of the women is in recovery. The Perp said something and then the woman who was nice to me said " I been there and done that too" and then the Perp said " Yeah but your not a ho" and there was this silence..like the other woman was falling into her way of thinking.

Even if it wasnt about me, you can plainly see what is focused on in the cases of harassment. Whatever can be used to target the person, whether its true or not, intimated or in the past. Even the way you look is used against you. And the gang stalkers know how to get others on their side and manipulate people. Its all they do is set up a TI.

It seems that someone from the outside gives the place a little visit, then someone staying there does the actual harassment skits..as well as gets others to join in. Its usually someone abusive by nature.

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