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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Spy Book(book of zzzzzz)

I was waiting for a computer...saw a book decided to pick it up. The Spy Book.
As I was reading I realized just how much of this we have to deal with in our lives...and how much people like me have no training. I shouldn't have to be dealing with this at all. AT ALL. I should have been done with school by now, I should have been owning a home and I should be with someone I like. At least I should be painting pictures and counselling people.

This is one of the subjects that makes perps say we are stupid. The fact that we aren't into this already when we get messed with.
I am sorry is this something that I missed as a subject in school that we all take as kids?? DID I MISS SOMETHING?

How many times has it been intimated or said that I am stupid or that I think I am smart? This is why. Becuz the assholes have training in this BOOOORRRINNGGGG subject matter and we don't.

If I had to live a life of a spy knowingly and deal with this much cloak and dagger I would shoot myself out of boredom. How can anyone live thier lives this way (unless they are programmed and compartmentalized.) BORING.

And it all ends up being this game with no end becuz they have double double agents and counter counter intelligence...what the f*ck? Where does the maze end? Does the equation ever equal anything except constant theatre that is never ending?

F*cking horrible.

And what is more insane is that somehow people like me and other TI's have found themselves involved in this bs...cant these geniuses find a more efficient way of doing things?

Oh and the book doesn't include sadism, and all the true to life fucked up things that obviously this lot engage in for power, sport or whatever their problem is.

They can make fun of us all they want. Their world and everyone in it sucks..its dishonest it stinks and their egos connected to how sneaky they are are astronomical.

They make life horrible for people who just want to be. They demand too much. And they take too much.

Its like they are the ones who run things but yet the public knows nothing of their activities...screw this.

The thing that is SOOO annoying is that every perp who has gotten close enough to me for a good analyzing eventually makes it obvious that they are severe wannabes. They hate when I mention even that security or cop is on a list of vocational test results. They hate that I know they are in on it or full of shit....
You ENVY cloak and dagger bs? You think that is COOL? I think it sucks and its sneaky and that's ALL IT IS. GET LIVES.

Your all morons if you think any of this is exciting or interesting. That's why the perps suck so f*ckin hard. Most of them seem to show some aptitude for this sort of thing but..they are very sloppy and just like cheap gang members or culties. They fail miserably time and time again. And they think they are being sneaky and that the TI is stupid.

Why does the system send it more humiliation on us? Or is it that we are that unimportant? Or is it that they need so many bodies or did a few years ago that they would take any number of people no matter the quality?
I know one thing..most of these morons get off on being mean to someone like me based on my not understanding what is going on....and that is outright unfair considering I woke up to this and wasn't warned really. Fuck all these malcontents. I want revenge for allowing a bunch of nobodies and lessers to get a hold of me and take me apart......becuz they knew this was a game and I did not.

I am not a stupid person. And being programmed does not make someone stupid. YOU are just so jealous of how women like me looked and how talented and intelligent we are..that we are favored when we are little and young for things YOU WILL NEVER BE.

Screw all the 2 bit ops and wannabes that they send. All a b*tch like that needs to do is look at my flat stomach, get testy and sigh for me to know that they are jealous and not professional at what they are doing.

You will never be real spies or security people. Wanna know why? BECUZ YOU HAVE NO INNER CONFIDENCE. YOU HAVE NO TRUE GRIT, BALLS OR ARROGANCE. YOU ARE NOT ARTISTS.
You are cowards and followers. You are rabid sheep with an attitude...and just becuz you are sicked on an unsuspecting victim does not make you superior. It makes you useful.

I wish I owned this book and not BU. Becuz then I could burn it at my leisure...and watch it all night long until it was nothing but a cinder.

The book of lies and creeps it should say on it.

Put this next to The Big Book of organized crime..another snooz-o-rama.
Sneakiness is boring and it always will be. Sneaky people are boring. Being sneaky is energy draining, a waste of time and inherently dull. I will resent being pulled into this brain draining mind numbing world for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a lot of them seem like down-in-the-gutter, worn-out, nobodies who crawled out of some hole in the ground. Reeally scroungy things. I always thought it was a big-time slap in the face, like the perps in charge are trying the send us the message that's what WE are to THEM. You're not the only person to notice this.

AJH said...

Amen to that; TI's living as the centerpiece of a massive nonconsensual human experimention project is a supreme outrage.

What I don't understand is why don't they cooperate with sufficient(considerable) inducements and expedite their agenda by an order of magnitude? They attempt to get all their answers by remote methods with gangstalkers and their stunts as provocateurs in the proximity of the victim, the TI.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

I put this together before I realised you had a blog. And a few other things besides! I'll get back to you.

Did you notice the slight surge in your 'hits'/viewings over the past week or so!

('Out Of The Depths of Sorrow')

sol seppy

Dr Blind

guided by voices

do you realize?

the carnival is over

adreniline friendly - or, sometimes ya just gotta get angry! But I know;
it isn't that simple

downcastmysoul said...

Perps remind me of the losers in school who would do ANYTHING to belong, ANYTHING. They are posers. They are arrested at age 12 development wise and wanted a way to keep bullying people as an adult. With the protection of the govt, police, professionals, it's a loser dream come true. Those big cartoonish grins they give us as they go by are supposed to say that the stupids consider US children.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is it seems everyone has access to my thoughts and what I do in the privacy of my own home.

It goes to show you what kind of life these losers have. The small towns aren't any better. I should know. I see all kinds of trash left wherever I walk, all designed to let me know I'm being stalked and harassed.

I constantly have to pass loud idiots on my way to/from the store on foot. I consider everything that comes out of their mouth 'noise'.

It goes to show you what kind of people are in control of this system.

I must've passed like 1 million of these loud idiots and their nonsensical babbling. Usually, it's a bunch of crap like oh you're gay, or whatever. That's pretty much considered 'noise', since it's still random loud verbal garbage. And they actually are so severely lacking in a life and talent they actually find this stuff exciting.

That last point especially is particularly why small towns are sometimes worse for a TI. Once they get settled in with you, expect the same bullsh*t as usual. I'm still being stalked by a large, powerful group, with these jerkos here in this small town playing along with their orders. That's what it seems to me. It's still high-level, trickle-down harassment and stalking any way I look at it.

And they are following the same exact procedure as those stalkers some other TI's are experiencing in the larger cities, such as Houston or Cincy or whatever. Hence, my observation that I am experiencing the efforts of the 'same' 'large organization' that other TI's are getting hammered by.