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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Core slander story

Like I said over the last week lots of violence..

At the Night Center, a place where mostly old drunks go to rest there was an incident.
I must defend that place however...the staff there are old school types of varying age who know how to deal with drunks and street people. Unlike the social services airheads in the SRO's and the babysitters and mean spirited types who act like they work at mental institutions in the shelters, the Night Center staff provide and environment of safety and quiet. They are easygoing and very good with everyone there..until there is a problem and then they put up with ZERO BULLSHIT. And the men are stand up guys who wont tolerate any nonsense towards the women. This is how I recall bouncers in bars and staff of rooming houses and similar as a kid. This is the kind of mentality that used to deal with this population....becuz they know how to handle this demographic that's why.
So I want to say that the situation was handled immediately by staff who through the perp out for a week and defended me readily as a female being messed with. Kudos to all the staff at the Night Center.
I know people who go there sometimes JUST BECUZ THE STAFF CREATES A PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT and non favoritism opposed to Pine St, Woods Mullen ( gotten better though like WLP with getting rid of the petty criminal gang element that is obvious and disruptive) and the Lutheran Church in Harvard Sq. Cambridge.

This drunk guy who other drunks dislike cuz he was a pain in their ass, decides to start trying to flirt in an overt manner. I eventually go to staff who he says he wasnt talking to me. He stops bugging me.
Then some time later, someone sits next to him. They huddle, the other guy is whispering in his ear.
He then starts saying loudly "I am a (criminal)!" " I am a good girl but I (engage in criminal activity)" then he says "....I rat on all my friends". That got me pissed so I looked at him and asked if he had any proof of such a thing. Staff came out and through him out and the ear whisperer went with him. Good for him cuz I would have questioned him.

I also had some people there I knew from Cambridge..these little troublemaker kids but just obnoxious nothing major. I should have asked them to handle this guy.

What was most disturbing and telling was that this is not the first time I have heard this being spread around. But however when so many things are told to a person that seem too many storylines then none are then believed.
This is the first time that I have heard a validation on a storyline. I heard this storyline intimated to me by one of Hartford, CT's biggest informants (who of course got my attention the second I went to a shelter there.) Only when my vid camera was stolen did a security guard there tell me who this guy was. It took me a while to learn that they are in every shelter, and if you are a TI they are the first ones to start talking to you becuz they want info to use later I assume. He intimated to me that the storyline was that I received 13000 dollars to rat people out. This would be the money from the mold case signing out of court. Also, I was told by people to leave town or even the country...but I have been chastised for it with people intimating that it made me look guilty of something.

This of course the morons were hoping would support their 'girl gets out of trouble by ratting people out and taking payoff and leaving town' storyline I am sure.

A few people I still believe were ops have commented on this whole set up as being perpetrated by people that are described as 'stupid'. Well, not to the average man on the street or even drunk on the street. The public and The people have alot of power in their judgement of a person or case. It is hoped it will ruin the person for life. That the stories will continue to float around for a lifetime.
Too bad there are people who have the whole story not just the badly written one that is a bs set up to protect criminals.
This is why our culture of media and gossip ruining cases before trial is so useful to criminals. It works in their favor believe me (as you see).

I am fortunate. I was warned, hints dropped. However this story would explain alot of ill treatment that I had received in the past.


I dare anyone to show me exactly when and where I walked into someplace and said anything to anyone...I am so sick of the ongoing dis info campaigns.

1 comment:

Medawar said...

They tell a tale about whatever they think people will be most paranoid about.

There's a trial just started of four men in Hertfordshire who murdered a gypsy because they were convinced he'd stolen their "gear" (stash of drugs). There's NO evidence that he'd done any such thing, but perhaps someone told them this: most probably, the person who'd actually stolen the drugs. (Assuming they ever were stolen and they weren't simply too addled to know whether they'd already sold or smoked the drugs themselves...)

Every time a certain criminal gang in Luton suffers arrests or searches, they have a go at me. Don't get me wrong: I'd be happy to see them put away, if I knew the fine detail of their operations, I'd not just tell the police, but pick policemen up and hasten them in the right direction. But by and large, the first I know of their activities, is when they get done over by the police.

So, they are tearing around in a rage because they've been raided and lost another stash, or had under-age girls taken away from a massage parlour -and then, somebody, whose identity isn't completely clear to me (but perhaps he used to live in Arlesey), smoothly steps in and convinces them it was all down to me.

Perhaps if they took a more objective and analytical look at their own arrest record, they'd realize that the police have a source a LOT closer to them than I am!

Thing is, that sort of person isn't giving information to the police, to help the police. They are trying to manipulate the police in order to destroy their rivals and further the expansion of their own criminal activities.

The animal rights people always spread tales about their targets being paedophiles, or, if they realize they are talking to a racist, they will claim that their intended victim is a "wigger" which is often the only way to get a racist to attack a white victim.

The tale that works best with police is that the victim is "unstable" and "frightening" and sometimes rushes about with weapons: they can then have fun tormenting the victim until he does indeed rush out of the house -at which point police are called.

In England, there is no CRIMINAL offence to cover this, but there is a civil tort of "malicious falsehood" for which you can get legal aid (not possible with slander.) The legal test is tougher, because you do have to prove that the comment were a lie and that the person spreading them knew this and meant harm (slanders can be truthful, in law!) but on the other hand, a guilty verdict on a charge of malicious falsehood proves someone a liar. A guilty verdict in a libel or slander case doesn't really establish any fact for the record at all.

But it is a criminal offence to defame someone by way of blackmail, with the intent to cause them a loss. (Which can mean stopping you exercising your basic rights and liberties, as well as losing money.) So, if the people lying about you are trying to force you to forgo perfectly legal behaviour, then they would be committing a criminal offence of blackmail in England, and quite possibly in many American states as well.

This was one of many things which Greg Avery and co did, in order to get themselves sentenced to around seven years each last month.

So, slander, libel and malicious falsehood can be CRIMINAL offences, which the police have the power to investigate, if done by way of trying to force you to change your behaviour.