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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GS activity while travelling this trip

Had to leave SC. Got perped at the Wal Mart there. I have gear this time however so it broke up their little party before it got too stressful for me.

The Salvation Army there is run a shelter should be. Unfortunately they have someone working there (a northerner) who is a control freak who simultaneously seeks attention constantly, kisses ass consistently and managed to take over the place a bit in the meantime.

I did the whole thing that TI's do...trying to be oh so good, walking on egg shells. While very tired from not resting properly in weeks.. you know the deal. Asking to help out..I did not need this treatment over just a three day stay.

Turns out her uncle is head allegedly the head of the KKK in MI..shows where she is coming from.
Hmm..MI again. Keeps being a problem for me.
What the hell is wrong with people from MI? If you are from MI stay away from me.

Also there was too much mold there for the sensitivities I have developed from prior exposure.
If felt at times I couldnt really breath well.. not until I got off the east coast.

Lots of African American youth where I am now involved in the gs activity. Everywhere from the bus stop to the local college.
I have a few theories for this.
1- Third generation COINTLEPRO ops.(infiltrating 'black' revolutionary movements)
2- Intel agencies are still recruiting college kids
3- Predominently African American gangs that have become big and organized
4- ...said gangs coming out of infiltration into US military (as have white supremecy gangs..I have posted about this connection possibly having meaning for TI's)
5-The Public..who run with what they are shown like its a great reality show or that its like helping to stone a celebrity to death, like they seem to enjoy in recent years.

These are the only logical choices...groups of civilians should not have superior intel...and I will keep saying that until its obvious that this is wrong and not normal.
One of gang stalking's goals is to get the TI to think that these random people having power over your life is normal. It isnt and you must stick with that until you draw your last breath on this earth in this body.

I am getting alot of allusions towards me being 'old' and the subject of old. Everywhere from a bus stop to inside a college all over the area. That I am 'old' keeps being mentioned...however its lame subject matter and its perpetrated by black youngsters and what do youngsters know? Not much..especailly if they actually believe the cover story.

I also got called a name walking down the street.
I have to say that if people beleive just the surface subject matter it might just be the perfect cover for me to do my research on what is really going on.
I was thinking that my ex is not walking down the street with people driving by and screaming "drug dealer!" out the window.

Lets hope the public stays amused long enough for me to figure out the rest of my research.

It also tells me that this much fuss has to mean I am and have been onto something and that I should continue.


Anonymous said...

Yep, all those things you mention, they do that to me, too. I have perps pulling stunts to 'let me know' that I'm not as 'smart as they are'. Also, perps have the cops swarm and circle me everywhere when I'm out walking. The feedback I got suggests that this is a tactic to let me know how useless the police are to a TI, e.g., to discourage me from filing police reports.

Although I don't have my own blog, I've been visiting some other TI's to compare stories, and aid in my own research. The gangstalkers try all kinds of ridiculous tactics, like the name-calling and bullying. That's why it's best not to retaliate, and just gather the info.

Yes, your experiences are almost identical to mine. And something strange happened: a period of 2 days, I had my cell phone turned off. When I turned it on, I found the battery was completely dead. This was obviously perpetrated somehow, and I know nobody was in this house here when it was off. I thank the perp who committed that act (with their tech), because he is letting me know all the stuff I'm reading about their tech capabilities is REAL.

Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are safe wherever you are at. WalMart is perp central. They have lower prices but they are the worse perp-wise between them, Target and Kmart. To NOT get perped at Wally World would be odd indeed.