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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

fascism in the USA

Why am I so quick with some things and so retarded at other subject matter? Political science is one of them.. cutting up the way people live into Marxist or capitalist...etc.

I guess its the fact that never actually being wealthy myself, all the run ins I have had with leftist rebellious brats has left a bad impression on me. All they DO is sit around and talk about the world in political science terms. Then when you tell them what poverty issues are really like from the front lines they actually have the audacity to suggest
1-you are wrong
2- that isn't the way it really is

So perhaps after political terms being used to make me feel stupid (the blah blah of the proletariate is bladdy blah and the fascist capitalsit system is formed on the blood of the workers and the bladdy blah socialist nationalist collective communist la la la la......)

Looking at the language of this subject I just go blank and I dont know why. Like this article listed here on the other page.. " The political economy of capitalism"..uh. Ok.
It just looks like a bunch of words with different meanings stuck together.
When it comes to political science I am like a person who can't appreciate jazz.. to these types it just sounds like a bunch of people playing different instruments at the same time.

And in my lifetime it has been used as a weapon on me by jealous rich white kids to make themselves feel superior that they werent as attractive or as talented as me. They use it to invalidate people living on the front lines. They are akin to the person speaking of the battle in terms of strategies they read about but the person they are talking to was a soldier who was really there fighting.
They are ultimately obnoxious.

So I guess when people were saying we were turning into a fascist state I either didnt take it seriously or didnt really understand its true meaning.



The problem is now that people think this new administration will change things. How can they go up against corporate power if that is what is fueling the problem?

It is good to know that this is a whole huge problem..however for some of us its very specific in nature. Some of us are targeted for specific reasons and it wouldnt change even if it was different environment.

I mean I can see what is happening but its certainly not intellectually processed. If it was I might be sitting around talking about it instead of living this way..taking some sort of action.


  1. Some people appear to be fed up having their lives controlled by a 'fascist' controlling majority, and are ready for a change.


    From what I've seen, this whole gangstalking/organized harassment deal seems be starting out at this very age, save for some of those sicko perps who raise their kids to be harassers from the time they can walk. I have been a witness to this back in 2006. Some woman in the black sedan opened her door partially, like she was going to get out, and I can hear her telling her kids to scream 'on 3'. They did scream on cue. After I passed, she closed her door and moved on. Pretty lame, but I see events like this all the time.

  2. Hmmm, that looks like it's the effect politicians have been after all these years. If you can't account for your misdeeds to the public, then keep them confused with long-winded speeches filled with fancy words strung together. I suspect that is what is going to happen to us TI's after the smoke clears and they've finally been caught. There will be this long boring speech padded with extra words and phrases to dull the audience so they don't figure out who was guilty of the crime and what exactly was done. They won't be able to make heads or tails out of what they're trying to say. That's only if they get caught; it's very plausible they never will. Too many people are satisfied with their controlled, ignorant lives, making it unlikely this will ever end against TI's.

    People are so happy with what is done to us TI's, because of the hatred the general public and those involved have towards us. Well, there is a small faction of those who actually feel for us, but it must be very tiny indeed, like comparing an atom to the size of the galaxy.