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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Correcting my question from yesterday...

Sorry I meant the emotional and mental changes. Stuff that is most likely tech based.

As I have posted with me it all seems to end at around 12 midnight and start again at 6 AM. This is especially obvious in eastern part of the country but what is noticable is the height of this kind of toruture is worse during the height of sunlight hours. It is better at 4 pm and gets considerabley better as the sunlight disapates.

I have an idea that it has something to do with tech but I am least versed in this area of organized stalking and harassment/e-harassment.

I just havent had the time to work on that. I would have to go back to my high school trade school years in electronics..I can SENSE what is happening but I cannot explain it as someone with a great understanding of tech could.

So what I am asking is anyone experiencing changes in self image, identity, emotions or thoughts moreso at certain times-regularly?
(the physical stalking or harassment can be done anytime due to the fact its human beings involved. That is another section of organized stalking and harassment, though I know it is all used on TI's as a formula/cocktail together.)

By the way for those of you who are survivors of TBMC the show I didnt get to post about is The Dollhouse. I could tell it was F*CKED by the previews on TV. I ended up having to watch it at The Rescue Mission when they had it on. I had to get up, leave go hide in a shower stall. It was so triggering that...beleive me I had to do some quick reprogramming repair work and that band aid bullshit I have had to become used to using to keep functioning is NOT good for me nor is it pleasant.
All the harassment just, in part, to make sure I cant get a proper therapist even just for trauma issues much less the complex matters.

Its only an issue if I am in an environment where there is abuse like at that place I was at. All this just to make sure I cant remember anything.

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