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Sunday, March 15, 2009

In El Paso

(tried to edit this yesterday..didnt take.)
Using a college public system. When you sign on it specifically states user is subject to monitoring by security or college least they are honest. I suspect that is every college library one goes to..or public systems in general. What I liked about this warning was that it shows that this is going on..which then puts a human being or beings behind what is happening to TI's opposed to people saying yer paraniod for realizing that yer being monitored and messed with. Well DUH.
All in the name of security. And making our country strong. I cannot wait until these fools see what exactly they have bought into..and I hope its soon. I didnt buy into it but but I have to deal with it anyway.

So the harassement in Tucson was so constant I couldnt get a moments peace. I mean like every few minutes. Drive by's mostly... I left becuz the shelters are awful. Homeless women without children as usual had the least options. Unless of course yer willing to do a million bible studies as well as church. I dont mind chores or paying into the place...but church overdose. They use Christianity on the homeless population there in order to mind control them into putting up with crappy conditions. I have seen how much money is in AZ. They can do better than that.

The place I was at..this one woman owns a bunch of places....a monopoly. I also have something else very intersting I discovered but I dont have time now.

I arrived in El Paso, cuz its the only thing I could afford with money I had left. The first shelter I hit here there were women on a shift that said that they will run homeless people out of AZ. Also she winked at me and said " they have other problems too". I asked like what. She said "Drugs". That Tucson was a straight shot up the highway for distribution...with all I have been thru you'd think I would have known that or seen it. But my focus is on covert war and mind control and the harassment and stalking and psych warfare that survivors go thru typically. Screw their drug dealing BS. That is simple compared to this. F*cking walk in the park.

So here I am, dont get excited about reporting where I am cuz here it is.

Already got perped but its simpleton level. Got my gear w/ me still.

No time left and colleges are closing for spring break. Shelter not perfect....face puffed out this morning so must be mold or other such has my allergies going, but at least I can breath. In Tucson couldnt breath and felt brain fog afdter night there. Had to leave.

Still trying to make me out to be drug informant. Typical.


  1. I did apply to a job with Arizona State, in the Phoenix area. I wound up turning down the offer. I was skeptical that my situation over there would've been any easier than over here in Penns Woods. So, I figured I could forget that.

  2. That sucks, hang in there. Maybe New Mexico or Nevada? Ive often wondered what a remote state like Wyoming or Montana might be like for a TI. Problem with rural areas is having a car is more important.

    Heres an article you might find interesting:

    Take care, Rach.