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Thursday, March 26, 2009

EBN vids

I put this vid on here a few times but I want to do a post on it for those who maybe didnt get its relavence.

If you are a TI and know about the history of human experimentation in this country and others that alot of us find a connection to when we dig deep into research concerning our situations as Targets of what seems to be a campaign of psycholigical warfare, then you recognize the subject matter of this seems to be refering to radiation experiments which were done at the same Naval hospital as MK Ultra. These tie into the experiments that used LSD as well. At other institutions they also experimented with radiation and LSD (from ergot: a mold). Broadcast TV is interesting becuz it is a form of conditioning and there have been many books written about the effects of television on individual humans as well as the masses.

What bothers me is so many of the comments on this vid from Youtubers say things like " My mom watched it and said it was boring" or that they think its entertainment for acid tripping (that would be ironic).
For those of you who have done enough research to be political enough to have survived you are already familiar with alot of the subject matter. It is done by EBN which was a group some of them graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, one of the best in the country. I used to model there briefly in '89. I have modeled for art classes and artists in few areas of the country and I can say that school during that era (where schools still had some freedom) was impressive.

It is an art piece first and foremost not just 'trippy'. If you see into the next level you see the political content.
But no one seems to get how it all ties together..the artists who produced this are not only breaking the illusion created by the original productions (news cast with Barbie-type-blonde beauty to blind you from critical thinking) thus 'jamming' the culture (a common activity of Gen X) but even further, what they have created plays with time itself. They are taking bits of other time frames and editing them to create a whole other time reality.

Thus the last level that is intimated is that we must consider what the experimenters are going for with " Broadcast TV, radiation/ broadcast TV, LSD".
Broadcast television, radiation, LSD. TV and LSD play with the human perception of time....I fear to think how radiation fits in.

It is interesting on 3:32 when it starts to look like colors are changing and then it seems time itself is split.

And certainly the music in the backround throughout is a clue as to how menacing and sinister these experiments really are. They have certainly been shown to be damaging to humans as well as unethical in many cases.

The greatest part is at 4: 42 when it goes into a loop that makes it so obvious that she as well as the broadcast are illusions and..well, just technology.

That you CAN break the LIE, the illusion by realizing the truth of what you are really seeing.
The base line/drums provides the 'time' for what the artists are creating.
Tearing up TV as well as creating a whole new artwork is takes alot (thats why its Industrial baby) of energy.

That is my interpretation and as eerie as the video is, those of us who have read about human experimentation as well as dealt with being connected to it somehow can attest to how chilling the subject matter truly is.

The other video is more attuned to the idea of TV being a control system for all the masses and it came out during a time when alot of people were becoming fascinated (and drugged out) by cable TV. The infommercial era.

The thing that is interesting is that they show footage I had viewed in the past of human experimentation (where they add sheep-type baa baa effects) as well as throughout sounds like monkeys screeching. (primitive man). The greatest part is that the Emporer is mad...mad and insane of course and the experimentation is for his benefit and on his order.

Manipulate information. Participate in your own manipulation....It means nothing.

Its dated due to the material they spliced as well as the then current president, but nothing much changes.

Compelling is the climactic 4:19 when it is made apparently clear that it IS a System. How many channels can you watch? How many do you need? And every one of the talking heads is interchangable anyway.

Most disturbing is at 4:35 when a younger then Bill Moyer says "One more diversion in the theatre of entertainment we live in" and it is stopped..and you see his eye caught at that moment, as if he is caught in The System...and he is a reflection of all of us caught in the system- the theatre of entertainment we all now live in. And there is something impressively evil about the way just a part of his face is captured and presented to the viewer-And he is held that way, so you can stop being broadcast to, so things stop moving, so you can see you are being lied to. That its gotten out of hand and everyone captured.

Then the June Cleaver type woman is timed so she seems to be having to force out the claim that she " feels great". Becuz she doesnt and neither do you, really.

Even though this is more about television I thought it was relevant not just becuz of the human experimentation tied in, and all the people of power it splices but the Nero footage is satisfying for those of us who understand the greed and corruption and disregard for us that is tied into human experimentation...and it that we are not delusional becuz as history shows, there may be some mad men in power quite easily. It happens all the time.
But the fact that we are victims of an almost total media black out made this vid relevant. That TV lies to you and will have you busy with so many other things...other than what is really going on that is important.

A professor that wrote about subliminals in advertising, Wilson Bryan Key-who you can hardly find anything out about on the internet, who's publisher cannot furnish any info about him, who's books were brilliant- wrote in one of his books that when he did a news show he got into it with some one at the station just trying to get his bit out and the news person at the station shouted at him and said " WE decide what is news!!!".. exactly.

Other pieces that EBN does are dated or even too triggering..but some are wonderful art pieces that make great use of perception and time and energy. Something that the mainstream would rather was left totally up to them to control you see.

This sort of magician-like dismantling of mainstream media as rebellion is gone along with Gen X I suppose. It was wiped out of existence when Bush came in, the towers were blown up and the war began as well as every activist was branded a domestic terrorist. For example Earth First flew off the shelves never to be seen so easily again in the same co ops and health food stores..and those stores were then bought out and yuppified.
Now that edgy and cool and angst and sarcasm has been co opted into mainstream commercialism there is nothing to react against.
The attitude now is that its no longer a big secret- something that you have to stop in a vid and reveal the true 'evil' nature of The Lie. People now are in full knowledge that they are lied to, that corruption is rampant. And it doesnt seem to be a problem.

No I do not think that the public are in thier right minds.. I think that they have been beaten down, intimidated tortured and essentially brain washed to the point where they will go along with any point of view that not only saves them but thier country, especially to make it strong in the process of globalization. Perhaps they feel they can no longer afford rebellion to the system.

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