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Friday, March 27, 2009

"she got exactly what she deserved"

Ahh I can hear it now as I am going thru this and as I am dead a few years from now. That I got what I deserved.
It is always helpful to take the TI's life hostage after you hijack it with a PR campaign. Drive the person more insane and then show how crazy they are. Then make the person to be this or that and make sure you pay off with protection or favors everyone around them that sells them out and/or agrees with the story.
Make the person out to be deserving of all the abuse and people will direct all THIER OWN hatred and fear towards the person.

Humans are predictable and easily controlled. I used to respect humanity and people. Now I have been shown thru this system just how easy the masses are manipulated and how they just follow the path of least resistance....
how they prefer slavery over freedom. How they will protect corrupt police and military becuz they protect them.

There are some serious criminals and rotten human beings who are having great lives, so how am I getting what I deserve? Its something they brain wash people with in order to validate thier actions. Then they can forever and ever deny the real story and what really happened...and what they did that should be accounted for.

I have not heard this from anyone I just know what people are going to do to evade responsibility as well as validate the abuse.

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Anonymous said...

Most of these people involving in the hate directed towards me seem to be the type that are very severely starved in needing in something resembling a "life".

Most have been kept down anyways, one prime motivator, and are just thirsting and aching for something to quench their desires for entertainment and accomplishment. Yet a lot of these don't really fit that category, but go along with that hate regardless because they somehow share the same mentality of the mentally and morally depraved haters and perps. They are so afraid of being looked down upon by their peers and others, they feel they have no choice but to join in the fray.

Thus, participating in this harassment against TIs gives them something 'worthwhile' to do and makes it feel as though they are accomplishing something great. Those that can, DO; those that can't, HARASS.