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Friday, March 27, 2009

Psy ops video from the discovery channel/ angry rant

Yes, you did "fire a shot" bullshitter. If you 'hit' someone with some sort of energy using tech then you fired sent an attack on someone else from your side to thiers with the intent of altering or damaging or influencing a person or persons.

Also, how can these people claim there is no pain involved? That is an outright lie. They admit they can alter peoples emotions..then they can cause pain (duh). Also there is a pain in not being allowed to exist according to your DNA plan or your personality.

I am a living example of the results of the abuse of these weapons..and so many people knew. They knew and they did nothing. People abused me while this was going on with harassment and stalking to add to the damage.

Humans have no right to these technologies and ESPECIALLY not people as f*cked up in the head (and conditioned/programmed) as the US MILIATRY OR ANY MILITARY personell. These are very narrow minded people who see the world only a certain way..thier f*ckin way.

Ike warned us about the military industrial complex for a reason. Its money they are interested, power and getting thier rocks off on how powerful they really are. I will not be dominated by a bunch of people who are just as vulnerable as any other brainwashed idiot I can think of....and by the way alot of military people I notice are total WIMPS who join to get a set of balls.

Jealous of my DNA? Of my atheletic build? Of my unquestioning of danger and undeniable bravery and courage..yes some of it is programming but I was born this way.

You can try to destroy a lion who comes from lions but you will never be a great as one..even a fucking dead one who has been taken down.

I think what they did to me was yes perhaps trying to cover some info and help some criminals who can pay but the way it was done was like a hunting expedition in Africa. What are you idiots going to do now? Get some of my blood and wipe it on your faces?(fox hunting ritual: ) Cut off my paw and put it up on your wall so when you are old you can sit around and smoke cigars and talk war stories?

The military is one of the most arrogant pieces of shit as of my opinion right now...and it also explains all the terroring from cops nationwide. Probably former military or thinking along those same lines.

Why is no one making laws so sneaky, aggressive peices of shit like this cannot abuse anyone they feel like toying with?

They probably think 'who cares?' about me now, that I am no longer a threat as I am no longer healthy young strong and attractive. Why is my mother such an influence on you and how exactly did she get into this little web of deception?... So the US military is either 1) utilizing the help of parents against their children or 2) they are using civilians in these operations where perhaps the legal issues then change.

So you can sell out a family member for torture? My mother had been torturing me for years anyway, she didnt need your help. She is lucky I am smart enough to have held my damn temper for this long. How did someone so evil (yet so weak) ever get created as her? She would have to actually call on the greatest Daddy figure of all to get rid of her own kid...what a total loser.

I am no longer even the least bit afraid of a label, and should have never been. This must be what people meant by telling me my mother is sick. But it goes deeper than that... What they dont want you to know about is intergenerational pedophile families..and women who are programmed to destroy thier own children and cannot even explain why they do what they do.

Its no wonder they would rather covertly use this tech on someone cover up for the real horrors. Go ahead, ignore my story and call me insane or imagining things. Go right the f*ck ahead becuz for the way I was ignored or even taunted as I lived through this nightmare and actually EXPLOITED I hope that humanity gets exactly what they deserve..and I hope its massive and I hope its soon.

People alot less talented and as smart as me got off on watching me tortured and destroyed and exploited all this time...and this is why its so important to keep saying I am stupid, when in fact I was in a vulnerable place in my life, a point of waiting until the chrysalis forms then attacking so a butterfly never emerges. That is a perfect analogy actually.

So that is it just misuse this tech to get rid of people and forget about them afterwards.

So essentially humans still keep slaves and this tech is going to be used for that end. And there will never be any freedom for someone like me, becuz the slavery part of the equation is never admitted to to begin with so no one is going to admit that this tech is utilized for purposes that it shouldnt.

However, even if you do NOT buy into programming and mind control etc be sure that THIS TECH WILL BE MISUSED in some way by powerful people. Who says that they can only use this tech in war zones and conflicts? What a horrible future we have. Our lives run by the f*cking military....who seem to be filled with Satanists, Christian right wackos, drug dealers, misogynists, daddy's girls who want to play like the big boys, rapists, wimps/wannabes, white supremesist gangs and black supremesist gang bangers.

Actually, the way I have been treated this is exactly what the public deserves..Please proceed.

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