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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Forum Gegen Organisiertes Gang Stalking

This site was send to me by a woman who reads my blog. It is now saying errror 404-no9t found. I was unable to figure how to comment in English and went today to check on it and its defunct. If someone is in contact with this TI let them know.

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Medawar said...

Dear Rachel.
Nice to hear you're still with us. I am told that SC is a bit dangerous!

Eva's blog seems to have been taken down, when rumbled by other German TI's as attempt to discredit them and stop them getting public support.

the second article on the link mentions this.

She was determined that all gangstalking was a NATO conspiracy, whereas most German TI's associate it with the former communist Stasi, which has spread over the whole country (and beyond) since the wall fell.

They also think that "foreign" (can they mean "Russian"?) investors buy up businesses in Germany after the owners and employees have been gangstalked.

They seem determined that Eva was a plant, I'm not sure if she was, or just prisoner to her own assumptions.

When I didn't agree with her, she tried to suggest that this was because I was English and "insular" and hadn't traveled enough round Europe. I had to point out that a lot of my views were product of my having traveled a good deal further...

Being called "English and Insular" is very much like being called "Black and Lazy"; it's supposed to be why we're not good Euro-socialists!

Whether Eva was being honestly silly, or whether she was really a Stasi or FSB plant, is impossible for me to determine, but it's pretty obvious that she convinced most of her fellow TI's in Germany that she was the latter.

She was trying to get me to comment on her blog, possibly so as to associate me with stuff that would discredit me.

Meanwhile, the dear old ALF tried to rewrite the course of history with comments on my blog. Each time they tried to discredit a fact they found embarrassing, I revealed another historical fact they might find even more embarrassing. They have stopped commenting on my blog!

Not a total victory, as they went off and (allegedly) murdered a huntsman in Warwickshire instead.

They simply cannot stand not being agreed with!