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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, March 13, 2009

Why no revolt then?

Well, genius, just add mc tech and chemicals to your "How did USA get to this point?"..

Besides what else is happening is that man senses the enviroment changing. He knows there are too many people on the planet.

Instinctively man senses that something must be done. However, this is a brainwash using peoples will to survive against them.

There is no need to have let it get this far and there is not need to have to be dealing with the problem by dumbing people down and zoning them out and asking them to sit by while the world is cleansed and things are equalized.

It would be like a TI giving in naively to the intimation that the harassment will stop once you agree with thier version of things. Allegedly there are people who have done this and they dont get left alone...and now they are discredited. Where is it in writing that you're going to get a fair deal anyway?

People are intimidated mostly and they are being conned--true enough. But there are instances of mind control being used.

And what do you think would happen if there was an attempted revolt? It would be stopped before it started (informants, surveillance) and if not it would be taken care of and never make the news. (no cred).

People have left thier primitive human societies to the point where they are now frightened to live like primitives in order to rebel. America is just being sensible. And alot of people probably believe in the vision for the future and the schtick about us setting example for the rest of the world. Americans are not going to give up what they have to tell the govt to stick it. I wish they would but...sometimes it even seems to them that this is an unfathomable idea. Like they just never consider it an option.

The article is right...they have thiers so what do they care?
It's only people like me who have been stripped of everything that are going to return to a primitive state.

What is bad about this is that ALL man is in danger due to pollution.

No matter what is happening, there is no excuse for enslaving the minds of men to this extent. What could need to be done that it is this important? Even if man is dying out he has a right to freedom....unless the enslavers are promising to save man in exchange for enslavement.
I suppose that is the silent unverbalized agreement that everyone has entered...

You better hope the Other keeps thier end of the deal.

The systems they are using are far too intrusive to be normal..
I mean what are we getting out of this?

I know for me that there is a definate sense of people trying to change me with the promise that is I only follow the brain dead script that I will have a good life and be more secure, happy and prosperous...if only I would give up being Me.

These are outrageous and ridiculous demands...but often there is little one can do with the use of such constant pressure coupled with frequent moments of such intrusive force.

Being a woman I am not blind to what this simulates. And it is something reserved for the bedroom with a trusted lord of one's heart..not the state, the Fed or "God". And without consent it is rape undeniably and it is I am sure utterly unenjoyable as well as damaging...and constantly unpleasant.

What is the attitude of the aggressor? You will learn to like it.

Fuck You.


Anonymous said...

I've had one group of gs'ers come in tonight when I was eating. The one woman turned around and said 'Change' before she walked out.

Now perps have their hands in pretty much every affair you can think of, including govt. operations. They've made sure there are plenty of their kind everywhere to further their agenda of getting rid of people that don't fit their mold.

My advice to TI's is to have the attitude: 'Sorry, I don't negotiate with terrorists'. Would you negotiate with Al Quaeda, make a deal where you say, 'OK, I'll keep myself out of your way, and do things your way'? Just try thought experiments like this before you try to deal with the enemy.

Trouble is, perps are just envious of their targets. They are very much, collectively, like one stalker who won't keep out of your hair and taking pictures of you and obsessing over your routines. It's amazing how they manage to keep the mentality of a dumbed-down, stupified whole while going about their 'business' hating and harassing targets with street theater and other stunts they pull.

Since they are stalkers, they still want that control, and that is the very reason they are stalking TI's in the first place. They very much want to be the person they are targetting, and realize they can't, so that is the root of their endless beat-downs and harassment and surveillance. So, negotiating with a stalker will do absolutely no good. Why would anyone do this? Think it through. If they are envious and want to be like you, but can't so they resort to childish tactics, then giving in to them will not ease their hatred and jealousy.

Further, perps (most of them) are jealous, backwards wannabes who see TI's through the filter of their own hatred, and will always see the TI as someone they have to keep down and make manageable. What would giving in do to ease this, seeing as to how there are other factions involved, such as human experimentation?

Giving in WILL NOT WORK. Don't do it, TI's. Ouch, I feel a needle prick on one some of my stomach as I write this! E-harassment.
I suppose the person(s) doing that e-harassment to me would me one-on-one in the street and admit to what they are doing. Cowardly wannabe's!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like exactly the type who would sponsor a ganstalking campaign against someone. There it is, folks -- these are the types at the head of your perp chain of command. I've read that these types are your typical 'leaders' of such a crime.