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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here its 6:30PM and I feel almost near my normal self

What the hell is going on with the sun affecting the situation? I feel so docile during the a slave of some sort. A slave to criticism, to societal norms and judgements, a slave to everything that has been attempted to be beat into me by the system beating me down (internalizing an introduced value system that is false and foreign to my true Self).

I cannot think of anyplace where the daytime was not the worst for me.

Every location has its good and bad points. In Boston I got alot more done and had perhaps more freedom in some ways, but the bad point was that it was very heavy handed with suggestion. It became maddening. Also the mold there for me personally was too much to take at this time of year.

Tucson was probably a good place for the tech stuff but the gang stalking is almost constant and there is no where to stay as far as shelters go.

Is there a place that is safe for any of us at this point? Its not the travelling that bothers me and the harassment just pisses me off cuz it gets in the way of me getting anything done.
But how to avoid this effect of sunlight that is so miserable lately.

Firstly I need to understand what it is so also if anyone has an understanding of how the tech works and how the day light hours can be affecting the system give me input.

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