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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gang stalking IS brainwashing

Inducing a person to modify his or her beliefs, attitudes or behavior by conditioning through various forms of pressure of torture.

This may be a cute video but its pretty accurate. Especially the part about occasional indulgences.
What is so striking about organized stalking and harassment is that it fits the definition of brainwashing completely.

What makes it unique and why people wont help is becuz authority figures who are percieved as helpful to a victim of coersion are now part of the attempts of brainwashing a target. Also, it's done out in public space or by invading the persons private space.

So who the hell is going to help you????

Organized group stalking and harassment of a targeted individual IS brainwashing/thought reform/behavior modification by definition.


Anonymous said...

I gotta watch Frankenstein every day since he keeps things in perspective as to what the freaks are doing.

That vid with Steven Colbert is soooo funny! Are there others like that? I'd take one for my blog!

For some reason you tube does not like me to upload vids to my site (wonder why could it be...perps?).

I don't think I could sit through the whole vid with the MKULTRA survivors. Is any of it about current gangstalking or is it all about past abuse? It's just too painful to know humans were treated worse than animals in the name of "national security".

Anonymous said...


Scott said...

Please watch my 19-minute video on gang stalking & 9/11 truth:

Keep up the great work!