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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A recent frightening tactic

Firstly if you are a survivor of truama based mind control or suspect you are please go to my other blog, which is the one marked ONMC in the links of my other work for some info on a certain TV show that is dangerously triggering and harmful.

We all know that cars park outside and people take notes etc as harassment and stalking. This has gone on for many years for some of us. Cars are very intimidating and are used not only for the perps/stalker to make a quick exit thus avoiding identification or confrontation, its also to make YOU the target feel as if you are powerless.

Let me start on a the level of the primitive which is where you NEED to be able to go alot in your thinking (while still remaining civil).
You are a human being. Alot of what is done is yes, the mob mentality. But its not an angry mob as that behavior by a group or an individual would be under temporary insanity in, say a court room. What you are experiencing is pre-meditated, executed with precision and highly sophisticated in its methods. It would be like a serial killer going for the insanity plea.

On a primitive level however you ARE BEING HUNTED and stalked. Your body reacts this way to the stress and other bio chemical changes occur I am sure. THE PERPS MUST KNOW THIS..I firmly believe they do. They seem to know every trick about how to freak a human being out and I am sure it is tailored to you individual via profiling and intel gathering. From what TI's experience this would seem logical.

When you enter the realm of the primitive you must see things from the cave man's view. A car is no longer just a machine it is can become a large beast that is as alive to the primitive mind as a saber tooth tiger was to our ancestors.
A story:
When I was younger I was partying and walking off a curb to cross street. As a car came by and missed me it was clearly a moment where things went in slow motion, which is what people often say about traumatic moments or car accidents upon impact.
The car seemed as if a primitive threat more akin to a large animal than a machine. I also lost all sense of anything modern, like my purse or the clothes I was wearing.

When a TI gets brightening or other tactics where the driver uses the car as his threat opposed to himself you have to realize its like a large beast stalking you in a very real primitive sense. Especially since TI's hardly ever see who the driver is or know who has ordered the stalking.
Keep this in mind as cars are used not only to protect the ID of the perp but as a psych out on a very primitive level.

A black car was parked outside the place I was staying night before last...I woke up becuz I knew I was being watched. Out of a dead sleep even. The car left as I checked it out thru the window.


  1. Medawar once talked to a man who'd spent some time in prison on remand. He was acquitted, eventually, mainly because his co-accused, who were convicted, spent the whole trial staring at him as if he'd dropped out of the sky at their feet. (He'd gone to sleep when drunk, in a friend's car outside a party, which was unlocked. This was in Letchworth,he awoke, covered in plastic bags full of jewels. Struggling upright, he found himself in Knightsbridge -and the car was being rammed by a police range-rover. Polite as ever, he asked the two men in the front of the car if they'd let him get out at the next set of traffic lights..)

    Anyway, when let out of jail, he was frightened to cross the road if there was a moving car in sight, even if it was moving very slowly, because "it still felt as if it had the potential to take your life!"

  2. I get the black vehicles these days; tinted windows, cruising by, or even parked on my route. I suspect, but cannot prove, that I have an aversion to this kind of vehicle stemming from the lost years, aged 2 to 5, where I have almost no recall, not even where I lived. As far as I can tell, it is to create traumatization reactions that they can neurally monitor from a remote location. It seems that the traumatizations which they inflicted on TI's, are now a problem for them, and are being remediated for their further mind research efforts. Just my speculation on this very consistent perp prop these days, the big black passenger vehicles.

  3. On the other hand, if you've just come out of jail after 27 years, cars do indeed have lethal potential:

    It's an odd coincidence that this should have happened within hours of Medawar typing the above comment!

  4. For the Beautiful Racheal O.