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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

THOUGHT REFORM/ a word about 12 step groups

As physical harassment and stalking subsided recently I now see that at the core the gang stalking campaign is a thought reform system. Its what is underlying the whole time the other things involved in gang stalking are being done to you.

Perhaps the threats of a label along with the terrorizing to keep you scared and busy are what is used to make sure you stay focused and in the thought reform/behavior modification program.

If you resist the above and are 'strong' you come out reformed as they have planned or would like.
The perps think this is a very good thing...even though major damage of the physical body, the mind, the emotions have been sustained. Nothing matter with them except results. They don't care about you as a person...whoever is doing this craves to alter human nature and will do anything to get that result.

Thought Reform Exists: http://www.icsahome.com/infoserv_articles/singer_margaret_thoughtreform.htm

'Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism'- from blog : Fetch me my axe-
1 milieu control (controlled relations with the outer world, this leads among others to lack of relevant information)
2 mystic manipulation (events are orchestrated to appear miraculous or spontaneous)
3 confession (strong pressure to make a person confess past and present "sins" i.e. acts that do not help the group or the ideology)
4 self-sanctification through purity (pushing the individual towards a not-attainable perfection)
5 aura of sacred science (beliefs of the group are sacrosanct and perfect)
6 loaded language (new meanings to words, encouraging black-white thinking, thought-stoppers)
7 doctrine over person (ideology and the group are more important than the individual)
8 dispensed existence (insiders are saved, outsiders are doomed)



Cognitive Impairment in Thought Reform: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~rb267689/
"Other investigators protest that this is nothing more than blaming the victim, a practice they assert is not new to the mental health field. Herman (1992b) alleged that for 60 years the mental health establishment covertly diagnosed survivors of childhood sexual abuse with having perverted unconscious drives and that it took political pressure to embarrass, cajole and otherwise force the needed research that changed the counseling paradigm from seductress/temptress vs. weak moral fiber/ male into the predator - prey model of today. She demonstrated that racial, gender, and national origin stereotyping and in sensitivities were far too common in the counseling profession for more than three quarters of a century. Cult members and ex-members are the latest social group to be marginalized by stereotypes and ignorance."

Cult clinic- info on cults but enlightening for TI's who need some order to what may be behind what is happening to them. Gives possibilities and options.
For alot of TI's we perhaps know why we are targeted but it still remains to be proven by who. I have been harassed by people who seem evil and self absorbed with destroying and then I have been approached by god freaks who are constantly complimenting me and wont shut up about God. Its all very confusing... it doesn't matter who is doing it. All you need to know is that it is all cult-like behavior as well as it is definitely a thought reform program.
What is always disturbing is the sheer number of people in on the organized stalking. Its the like the whole USA is just swarming with perps.
What the hell is going on I can't say...I personally don't know. I just think that if someone is now isolated with no one to protect them, every cult or idiot from a cult like group is going to come after the victim. Why people who act like Satanists would work on the same TI as the God freaks I don't really know.
The whole thing seems to be about destroying the target and then if they survive, placing them in some group. There is a chance that because terrorizing people has become so in on TV that the American public-sheep that most of them are, have been 'trained' to perceive this as entertainment. It is horrifying to think but these are sheep with an attitude...and you are just one person. They know they can get away with it so they do it.

S. Premka Kaur Khalsa sues Yogi Bhajan: http://www.flameout.org/flameout/gurus/bhajan.html
"The method by which Bhajan induced others to follow him was to pose as a Yoga master and teacher, and then covertly subject yoga students to a process of mental and emotional conditioning in which their personalities are disrupted and ultimately destroyed, and then are supplanted with a reformed personality (reformed in this context having its most literal meaning of making over or forming again). This reformed personality is, by design, intellectually, emotionally and ideologically committed exclusively to Bhajan and the service of Bhajan. Once a follower is in this condition, he or she becomes part of Bhajan's cult following and is invariably exploited by Bhajan for whatever Bhajan can get out of the follower..."

"Mind Control/Thought Reform - a system of influences that disrupts an individual’s identity (beliefs, behavior, thinking and emotions) and replaces it with a new identity (Hassan 1990, p.7).
Individuals develop a pseudo personality (West, in Langone, 1993, p. 9) or a dissociative split, which allows them to “proclaim great happiness yet hide great suffering (Langone, 1993, p. 9).” Lifton calls this “doubling.” Positive and negative reinforcers are used to condition or mold behaviors. Exhibiting “appropriate” behaviors or attitudes insures survival."

Everyday that TI's have to function in society as 'normal' people who cant admit they are and have been tortured we are living in our pseudo personality.

"Models of Mind Control-
Robert J. Lifton’s eight criteria of mind control for creating “ideological totalism”:
1. milieu control - the control of communication within an environment; builds unhealthy boundaries

(TI's are not allowed to communicate as before..with society nor with former intimates.)
2. mystical manipulation or “planned spontaneity” - experiences which appear to be spontaneous but were orchestrated in order to demonstrate “divine authority”; this authority allows leader(s) to use any means toward a “higher end” or goal

(The v2k 'voice of God' , perps planning things that appear coincidental, everything that connects to their superior knowledge of Targets lives could come under this heading.)
3. the demand for purity - absolute separation of good & evil within self & environment

(eventually you may internalized perps humiliation and shaming and judgements)
4. the cult of confession - 1:1 or group confession of past & present “sins” or behaviors that are often used to humiliate the confessor & create dependency upon leader for definition of goodness; surrender, total exposure; no confidentiality

( no privacy. Even doing online activism can be considered forcible confession, having to go public to survive gs.)
5. sacred science - the teaching as Ultimate Truth that allows for no questioning

6. loading of the language - use of terms, jargon that have group-specific meaning; phrases that will keep one in, or bring one back into, the cult mindset (everyday that TI's have to deal with the loaded language of gang stalking we deal with their loaded language. I now have a large part of my identity as a 'TI'. I have no life outside the system owning me.)
7. doctrine over person - denial of self and self-perception

8. dispensing of existence - anyone not in the group or not embracing the “truth” is insignificant, not “saved” or “unconscious”; the outside world, or members who leave the group are rejected "

(not being allowed to leave the imprisonment of being a TI bonds us to the system and the perps. Also we have been abandoned by family and friends so we are hijacked by the gs system or cult).

"Margaret Singer’s Criteria for Thought Reform (Singer, 1993, p. 63).
1. Keep the person unaware of what is going on and how she or he is being changed a step at a time.

(gas lighting is by definition partially just keeping the victim uninformed or in the dark.)
2. Control the person’s social and/or physical environment; especially control the person’s time.

(Every TI can attest to this one. Our environment is controlled by physical harassers, stalking and interference with technologies. In spaces public and private our environment is controlled. We are harassed into shelters or not 'allowed' to work certain jobs if at all.)
And our time is definitely controlled even by doing the reactionary activism we have to do to survive/go public)
3. Systematically create a sense of powerlessness in the person.

(All TI's feel this after a while.)
4. Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments and experiences in such a way as to inhibit behavior that reflects the person’s former social identity. ( How many times have I read that a TI claims to have been 'punished' by the perps for something they did..and that is just in reacting to the system as a TI. What they do along the way is shame and humiliate you for who you were as a person before as well.)
5. Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments, and experiences in order to promote learning the group’s ideology or belief system and group-approved behaviors.

( Same as above)
6. Put forth a closed system of logic and an authoritarian structure that permits no feedback and refuses to be modified except by leadership approval or executive order.

( That is what is achieved by the TI being systematically ignored while also having people come up to a TI with very private info they should not have access to. No feedback is allowed because no one acknowledges what is going on.)

"43. Create a sense of powerlessness, covert fear, guilt, and dependency.
Margaret Thaler Singer lists this item as one of
the five essential criteria for an effective thought reform or brain-washing program.
Cults create feelings of powerlessness, covert fear, guilt and dependency in their victims in a variety of ways:
-Telling newcomers that their thinking is defective, and their morality is hopelessly flawed. "You are selfish. Everything you do is just for yourself. You have been defeated by sin, and your thinking is corrupted."

(You do not know how many times that I have been told that I am selfish from people in the GS system as a means of validating me as a target. I had another website that I lost now but it said that the aforementioned is used also to make people feel wrong about normal human urges.)
-Not allowing new inductees to do anything without permission from a superior.

-Taking control of members' money, credit cards, and bank accounts, and only doling out tiny amounts of spare change to members. They never get enough money to be able to leave.

(This is the same as driving people into being destitute)
-Using double-binds to trap members in failure — no matter what they do, it will be wrong.

-Telling members that they are powerless over sin, or Satan, or drugs and alcohol, or whatever the cult's bogeyman is.
(being a TI most likely)
-Having mentors, elders, "sponsors", or "uplines" who constantly order the newcomers around. Members must constantly seek the approval of their mentor in everything they say, think, and do.
(perps serve this purpose. The system itself becomes the elder and via tech there seems to be a system that bosses us around.)
-Making members publicly or privately confess all of their sins and failures.
(Having to reveal possible incriminating info during activism or to confess privately somehow. With this system it seems like from interrogation through torture.)
-Public confession sessions or self-criticism sessions.
(Having to go public to survive. People can now see the way you think from writing a blog.)
-Group punishment — no matter how good one member's behavior is, he can still be punished for someone else's behavior.

-Telling members that everything is their own fault — that they created their own miserable reality. Even if Daddy was a junkie and Mommy a prostitute, the child still chose his own reality, and is responsible for it. (This was done to me growing up alot and the perps do blame the victim. There is alot of accusing the TI of making 'bad choices' instead of being harassed and hunted.)
--Which leads to: Super-human standards of perfection. The cult demands such lofty standards of morality and perfection that no one can measure up — no one is good enough.
(You become rigid. Self censoring and shy. You keep your 'pseudo personality' a perfect person in order not to get harassed or attacked or dragged away by authorities.)
-The leader or the elders randomly attack members for the most trivial of offenses. Nobody knows when the next attack will come, or what will set the leader off.
( This happens all the time. This is why TI's feel targeted often. You seem to get victimized for stuff that's just bullshit and its pretty surreal when it happens.)
Phobia induction — the cult implants fears in members, particularly fears about what will happen to them if they disobey the leader or leave the cult. " (This is created in Targets that we should always keep ourselves prisoner in the pseudo personality and never come out again as who we really are lest we get attacked for it. The gs system shapes the personality by punishments for what is not acceptable.)

So..what about those of us who have been oppressed out whole lives anyway?? Like we needed to be gang stalked as well. How do you know which whites hadn't been already oppressed. This is very dangerous. It would explain however why alot of students are in on gang stalking. They get brainwashed from the get go.
And I just wonder if based on these experiences could you get them to become cause stalking perps??

Another higher ed example. If you see things going on at Gitmo, then you see them implemented in corporations, then you see them in schools you can guarantee that you are not imagining the trends here. And it seems that if they cant get you where you learn or work they will get you as they have gotten TI's. In the outside public spaces if necessary. http://www.thefire.org/index.php/case/752.html

Thought Reform Programs and the Production of Psychiatric Casualties: http://www.rickross.com/reference/brainwashing/brainwashing10.html

What Is A Cult? : http://www.xjw.com/whatcult.html
"Anyone who finds himself in a cult confession session should remember this warning: Anything you say can and will be used against you. This device can even extend to blackmail if you leave the cult. [p.63]" (This is what is basically done when you get scared enough to think you have to clear your name by putting info on the internet. This is why I am very careful and am prepared always to have any info I post or tell other used against me in the gs campaign..which has been attempted)

"Information control also extends across all relationships. People are not allowed to talk to each other about anything critical of the leader, doctrine, or organization. Members must spy on each other and report improper activities or comments to leaders. [p.65] " (Nuff said).

"Elitist Mentality -
Members are made to feel part of an elite corps of mankind. This feeling of being special, of participating in the most important acts in human history with a vanguard of committed believers, is strong emotional glue to keep people sacrificing and working hard. [p.80]
Ironically, members of cults look down on anyone involved in any other cult groups. They are very quick to acknowledge that "Those people are in a cult" or "They are the ones who are brainwashed." They are unable to step out of their own situations and look at themselves objectively. [p.80]
This feeling of elitism and destiny, however, carries a heavy burden of responsibility. Members are told that if they do not fully perform their duties they are failing all of mankind. [p.80]"

"Many groups teach that the apocalypse is just around the corner. Some say they are preventing the apocalypse; others merely believe that they will survive it. . . . To a cult member, the future is a time when you will be rewarded because the great change has finally come. [p.83]"
(Actually this is done to Targets mostly by people who newcomers meet in activist forums and the conference calls. This is why one needs to be very careful of cult mind control and why I have another blog on healthy skepticism. Long ago when in first contact with these other TI's and groups professing activism I realized that a number of them were cults and I came to believe that they were run and infiltrated by operatives. They fit all the cult mind control criteria and also they are full of supposedly reputable people but get nothing done. Key people are operatives it seemed...not all members were. But one could tell eventually because they always acted cult like in their actions. At times it was more about the group and its dynamics or the leader than about activism.
We are told that we are TI's that we are special, often its that we are natural resistors of the NWO and that is why we are targeted. That we have to work hard to expose these crimes to help humanity. And always I distrusted the people that constantly talked about marshal law being called and all this dramatic bs.
These groups never approach being targeted like they are solving a crime..because that is what is done to us is its criminal activity or at least its oppressive and damaging. These are TI containment areas and are to be avoided at all costs. Also be wary of people who want to focus on religion and not getting the problem of being a TI solved. Too much forced talk of Christianity and not enough about getting anything done is a red flag.
Then you realize that the rest of the world just sees you as either a bullied victim, a mob hit or a slave. No one sees us as special that's for sure. However we should continue to perceive ourselves that way...to preserve self esteem for survival.)

"The final criterion for judging a group is the members' freedom to leave. To put it simply, members of destructive cults are psychological prisoners. As I have explained, destructive cults plant phobias into members' minds so that they fear ever leaving the group. [p.104]"
( We are definitely psychological prisoners that is an understatement. But we are never even told we have the freedom to leave....once I was perped by some young guys and one said " I can make it stop Rachael." and then proceeded to offer me a job that sounded very much like gang stalking-that if I took his offer this is what would make it stop. )

The thing that is so frightening for targets is that it seems there is also technologies involved. It is a living nightmare. Then there is no way to avoid being influenced. And when TI's go there, alot of people stop listening and go along with the idea that the target is just delusional or crazy. It takes years to understand what is happening and some of us have spent literally everyday thinking about these issues and almost everyday working on research, investigation and exposure.
To invalidate and dismiss if not further vilify or trivialize someone who has worked so hard , without pay often simply in the interest of self preservation is a crime in itself.

If you have worked as hard as I have at putting all the pieces together you must have confidence in yourself. Other targets who have come before me laid the groundwork for me to be able to have at least an idea of how this is all set up and how it works.

Why the public do not see our work as valid nor do they even understand that there is more going on here opposed to just one person being the focus of bullying is absolutely beyond me and probably one of the biggest mysteries I will never be able to solve. Long ago I have forgotten about the public because they seem to go on with their lives quite unaware that anything is wrong..and if these horrible reform programs/murder hits actually happen to just those targeted then nothing IS wrong for them. Thus the feeling that we are already institutionalized right out in society. A prison that utilizes public space. And there seems to be no recourse except death. For me I cannot think of one..because most people either think you are simply a victim of something much more harmless or they think that you deserve this maybe. Or they believe you are mentally ill and delusional or at least that you are making it all up to escape your circumstances.
This is because they are not trained detectives. Only people who are trained to think about considering what is unseen and beneath the surface could even understand how something like this could occur. And that is why the police and some authorities need to be in on this..because they would most likely be the ones who could see it is possible. The only two factions that ever gave me an intelligent response upon hearing about the nature of my activism were a police woman and someone involved with criminals.
So for someone to even begin to be on the right track or same page they would have to be versed in criminal activity and its existence on simple levels of every day occurrences. For the average person who doesn't deal in crime as a profession or who's mind isn't geared that way I think they just cant see it for what it is.
It would be like a land animal trying to live underwater...they would drown if they entered the reality of such oppression and abuse existing. The public still responds to physical damage that is easily seen as evidence of activity.
The perps have it made and they know it.

So when you are not being attempted murdered or gas lighted or intimidated now you see what has been happening to you all along.Thought reform...and this is the lasting and permanent damage.
This psychological damage may must also be what makes us more susceptible to being targeted by technologies. To be broken down so much then suggestions would be received and stick better.

Brainwashing and Menticide:Some Implications of Conscious and Unconscious Thought Control http://www.pep-web.org/document.php?id=psar.045a.0083a

Any society who does not think there is anything wrong with this then there is something seriously wrong there.

I cant help but think this is why alot of artists and others left the USA in 2001 and a bit before that and plenty after. You could see it happening, and I guess the rest of us just did not know how severe it was going to get.

A Word About 12 Step Groups
And I have to say that 12 step groups may be the only way to get clean..to begin with. But they really do fall under the heading of mind control cults and after a while they can have an unhealthy hold on your life.

There are alot of sociopaths hiding in these groups..people who give excellent 'face' but are extremely selfish, classist, and viscious. Becuz they are not healthy mentally and emotionally they can negotiate the mind control tactics well..in fact play them to thier advantage often.
Good people have suffered in these groups due to the psychopaths networking and hiding within. People from the entertainment industry populating these meetings should be testiment to that...and if you have a trauma based mind control backround and are not aware or are just 'waking up' often you will annoy people often contend with NOT evolving by asking..'Yes, but what else is there?? Where can I go after this??' Often you'll be told to simply do the steps again.
This is becuz certain people are satisfied to hide or remain the same as people...they are not trying to change or grow. These groups provide to them a place to settle and network.
If you are in the midst of a transition and are dealing with internal changes then you will naturally become disatisfied with these groups. You'll probably get disillusioned after sensing that it IS a cultish environment. Rightly so.
It is good for getting clean and staying clean. I dont believe that 12 step drug or alchohol programs can get peoples spiritual or personal matters in line for them. I have personally seen loads of corruption in 12 step groups.
And as for individuals..people have great fronts but often they are still engaging in abusive relationships, they have stellar professional fronts and a good face for The Program but as human beings they are still f*cked up. In a way, anyone willing to try to really dig deep and fix themselves is seen as a dissident and a threat to 12 step groups.

However, like I mentioned the quality of PEOPLE in there is very questionable. Be very careful. The criminal nature of drugs is testament to the kind of minds and persons in that program. People hide in NA and it IS a cult if it is not willing to admit to human error in a number of areas of running the organization as well as personal failings of its members...GET CLEAN AND GET OUT. Unless you are criminal minded and can use this network to...well network.
Me being a purist in alot of ways I did not want to be that person anymore...and my constant probing and breaking out to grow anyway I had to was very threatening to people.
With my backround it was natural to buck a mind control environment. In fact, my trust in the program was used against me by people with vested criminal interest.

Since NA is now strongly attached to the mental health system and the justic system one it has become comprimised. Secret societies or groups outside the official system are supposed to exist as safe havens from the system itself..just as church is supposed to for state and visa versa. The confessing aspect of 12 step programs and the dependence on the group has become a tool of the system as many targets have attested that what was once a trusted enviroment has now become openly infiltrated with spies who will use what you say against you if it is heard in a meeting EVEN A CLOSED MEETING WHICH WAS AGAINST THE LAW TO USE ANYTHING HEARD THERE YEARS AGO IN INVESTIGATIONS BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.
Cult mind control + the system= disaster and everyone knows it or should.May you live in a house with a hundred rooms, and may each room have its own bed, and may you wander every night from room to room, and from bed to bed, unable to sleep.

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