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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scientists who perform unethical human experimentation need to be labeled with a disorder of mind and character

We need to go after them and go after them until they cant hide anymore. Its obvious to any thinking person that a portion of these scientists and medical people were and are suffering from disorders of their thinking and reasoning.

Rationalizing something that is unethical is still being irrational as one is breaking the rules not based on critical thinking or legal grounds. One is delusional with power as well as one's subjective perceptions of the experimentee(s).

Instead of allowing this population to, per business as usual historically, grossly mislabel experimentees to hide what is really going on there needs to be a realistic view of what is really going on and an accurate assessment of the perpetrators not the experimentees.

The compulsion to perform such experiments reflects a hatred of man kind that becomes evident in many medical people after years of losing idealism, living in an elitist population and realizing the how truly frail human life really is. Some people make great docs and surgeons, but their personal affairs are not in order and never will be. Or it may be a madness that they hide from the public...I have seen this in my experience. A stellar professional face only to hide a monster which is only revealed very selectively.

The medical field and the scientific community gains too much automatic trust from The People. They are not fact they should be held under tighter scrutiny due to the fact that they have greater understanding and power than the rest of us. Why is there not a police or criminal investigative force specifically for anyone..and I mean anyone in these professions. The world seems to have been reborn in the last 10-15 years with an interconnected law enforcement force for every other little aspect of peoples lives, so why not this sector?

And sadly the scientists who gather together to warn of disasters or threats to health are ignored or its been suspected killed off covertly if they 'know too much'. Only the people cooperative with corrupt authority can remain in such an environment.

If HMO's and corporate funding have pushed the crafts people out of the realm in favor of the ones coming off the conveyor belts who will mindlessly join the hive then there needs to be some sort of policing of that.

I believe that this is a very vulnerable population that is used and abused by corrupt authority for their own ends in alot of instances.

And I have said before that because they are working with logic and science their human emotions are in danger of perhaps effecting their judgements either without their knowledge or so they may hide their imbalances from scrutiny.

What of the doctor or scientist who has genuine bias against the poor, or a certain gender, race?

As far as I am concerned these people are just that..people. They are human and they are predators and they potentially get away with what they can while they can. The American public gives their authority a blind childish trust that repeats itself generation after generation.

And as for the woman who was raised to the level of heroine, she should have been raised to the level of total idiot and royal asshole.
"1925: Margaret Mead publishes "Coming of Age in Samoa", an account of adolescent life in Samoa apparently devoid of the angst and stress of adolescence in more modern cultures. Liberals seize on this work as proof that by re-engineering the society, man himself can be re-engineered for the better; that environment only is what determines behavior. Being the provenance and justification of the liberal philosophy, Mead is elevated to a cultural heroine. "

This is what we are dealing with now..a total disrespect for who people are individually and by 'nature'..(or DNA or soul). And they are aiming to find out let me tell you..what makes people tick. Man can only be 're engineered' for the better with respect to harmonizing any changes with the original schematics laid out by Nature- you IDIOTS.

Targets have all felt it. This need to reform or rebuild us after attempted breaking us down. Whoever is doing this, in alot of cases, simply wants to suppress victim witness testimony so badly that the death of the subject is a desirable end compared to disclosure...should reform not be possible. Or 're engineering' (give me a break).

Nature knows better than you and always will. You can break codes all you want.. Nature still has the original plans laid out best. And why don't you stop and think of the ultimate goal of all human lives- to be happy. Not a false induced happiness but one based on people making their own choices and evolving spiritually according to what they feel is best.

My point is that all scientists do not deserve your trust nor your support. They are a tool really and WHAT they are working on is more important than the fact they are scientists or medical people.
There is this automatic awe instilled in people. This deceptive game of playing with human perceptions of automatic authority....its very dangerous.
Stop being impressed upon sight by anyone who possesses superior knowledge. They could be in the hands of people using them for ends that are not so impressive. They don't deserve anything but respect for their years of study along with reverence for their ability to make an informed decision concerning subject matter you are ignorant of or not trained in. BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS THEN GIVES THEM UNFAIR ADVANTAGE AND THERE FORE CAUTION MUST BE USED.

For most of my life I have experienced a great number of people in the medical profession to be sadistic, arrogant, detached, out right abusive or withholding information on purpose (negligent). I have also seen people that have a craftsmans gift for wielding power with much ease, of knowing the craft, of BEING the craft. People who heal. Sadly, the people you expect to heal can and will use their position to abuse.
This is the worst sort of behavior- someone who is already suffering now must also babysit the doctors f*cked up emotions like some sort of punching bag or scapegoat. I have been subjected to this such physician who made sure he catered exclusively to a wealthier sect was caught by me, right in the eyes as he was perpetrating abuse through sophisticated means. An aggressive male is still just that upon close inspection. When he was 'made' a flash of panic came over his eyes. I felt like I had just sat in the presence of my first real life serial killer.

Doctors and scientists are just people. And they are capable of all human failings.

I understand that the public especially Americans can be 'stupid' and that most people are health illiterate. I get this complaint all the time from an EMT I speak with. Often medical people are frustrated with the public on one side and the system on the other. The public is aware of neither difficulty. I have become aware that there is so much human politics behind the scenes that often certain factions of the medical field cannot do their jobs correctly and to the best of their abilities.

Just be aware that there are political, financial and human 'tribal' pressures among the medical field. Science I really only know of through studying the darker sides of human experimentation.

If they are forced to experiment there should be a way for them to disclose this somehow. If they have decided they are gods then there should be a policing system to catch them.

And a genuine personality or mental disorder slapped on them.

Will it work though? This sect is very ancient and can hide from other influences...often this is utilized for good ends, as I have found that for example nurses will be much more easily privy to corruption as other medical people are yet the doctors themselves are much more resistant or outright refuse to take part. This is their prerogative and an admirable stubbornness in many physicians natures. They seem to split off from society and politics into their craft and dictate from there.
Scientists I know less of their natures.
From these worst case scenarios, alot of which are not signed confessions or taped recordings but here say of what someone said or even did, but many are documented-actions anyway on the part of the scientists.

All I am asking is that the public stop acting like a bunch easily impressed lessors..the news always carries "Scientists are doing this or that" and its made out to be so great, like its for your future and well being always always. How naive are you? So what, what scientists say. What I want to see is the controversy on the subject matter..I want to see a few groups of "experts" waring over THAT is healthy. (Isn't that the most insulting thing in any news feed ever? " blah blah blah--'experts say'." I am a B*llshit expert at this point and I SAY that you are being brainwashed influenced and conned.

I want a news report that says "Scientists who did illegal human experimentation SAY that your future will be ruled by your DNA and humans will be altered via chemicals and technology" or whatever the results of MK Ultra that out of their mouths in a news story. I dare ya. See? Scientists are discovering new things every day that are NOT for your betterment but for the profit and control of corrupt abusive authority.

They rarely mention that to you as you drive to work or eat your cereal however. Hmmm, it should make you think.

And think about this...alot of people with scientific knowledge are emotional retards. Geeks with a chip on shoulder still from a grand tea bagging in the jock locker room still and all the girly rejections. Perhaps they sustained injury from the head in toilet flushings.. Someone should study that. "A retroactive study of the effects of repeated cranial toilet immersion through the pubescent years on age specific male bi peds and the resultant adult male trauma/ disorder manifested in the professional arena..blah, blady blah."

Why do they feel the need to do cruel human experimentation on people...often it seems not out of pure necessity but with some connection to cruelty, snobbery and this sense of superiority while truly believing that most humans need to be 'fixed' and have no understanding of their own needs. Its not just unethical or 'wrong'...its ruining lives and destroying some damn good people-gifted people. What is going on that there has to be this agenda and aside from the big picture--what the f*ck is their problem on a personal level?

I aim to find out.

Do you know how hard it is to just look up the psychological profile of a policeman or other professional? It infers that they are not the problem or that they are prone to problems as human beings.

I believe that they are seen as this solid structure that holds up society and if they do not play that role then civilization will fall apart. And people buy into this.

I have seen too many people who know what is going on and just go along with the attitude that I am meaningless, expendable, stupid, a simpleton ( I love that one) or that my situation is comical. Its marketed as comical but actually its not at all. Unless you are a raving asshole and totally into slavery of a human being. So covertly a percentage of the people you trust on sight to be better than you are actually shitty quality human beings but that doens't matter as long as they stick to the masks and trappings of their professional 'tribe'.

How uncivilized.

This is about power. Its a power struggle essentially and those with power over people like me are perfectly comfortable to keep their positions and leave me and others like me right where we are. Either that or this is the most emotionally un intelligent retarded society in history. I would rather be among the Mayans or the least I would know that there would be sacrifices. Its face games of smirks and professionals with emotional arrested development lording it over one covertly. Quietly being above and that being a group effort is the most non respectable, cowardly kind of collective power I have encountered.

I was listening to some woman speak next to the computers at the library at BU a few months ago. They had some speaker coming in. She proclaimed in a heavy NY accent that " you cant say what you want in this country" part of her speech. What the hell?? I thought this place taught law? Ridiculous.. and totally incorrect. I wish I had my voice recorder with me that day. Can you believe that there is such covert peer pressure to change the country and peoples minds into THIS?? What you should be telling them is how to get around that problem of politics and let the 'real world' dictate the unwritten rules..then we'll see who the naturals are at fighting and who settles in comfortably without questioning. People will fall into place..there is not need to ruin young minds before they get out the door. The grown up world will do that don't worry.

You certainly can say what you want. I do, I did, I have and I will. For some of us its an obligation...never to be unchanged by some collective of sheep or scared high school kids who become adults and never grow out of it.

This last 8-15 years may just be a lesson in re engineering a whole society, not just individuals.

Is it capitalism, it is corporate America, is it fascism or totalitarianism? Liberal Nazis? Greed? Latter Day Satanists (gag), spiritual communism? The typical environment put forth by males 18-40 through out history-war like and intimidating, only seeing human rights as challenges to power to be conquered and people as problems to be solved ( I will never understand that stupid look on the faces of men especially in suits..when they walk past there isn't an air of adult authority but an ironic swagger and a look of almost sexuality based superiority- I try to picture them naked and performing thus their only real use in my life. What else are they good for if they only want to rule over people as lessors? Their attempts at gaining authority in this manner as arrogant young bucks should be rejected vehemently..if women are still the quiet protectors of any society they live in. Foolish males should not be allowed to go unscrutinized and it is the females JOB, especially those without children to act as a judge of male worth in gaining a position of authority. Never should they just be handed power simply based on their being male.
It is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. I hope there are older males keeping strict tabs on these fools at all times and never allowing them the reins if they are not secure in their understanding just yet. And when they make such faces, they cant be thinking rationally. They are fantasising based on their c*cks and older women can all see makes them attractive fantasy objects is all. For positions of real power, its a joke.
These are also the most common looks I get from males in this society when it seems they are discussing me being 'down' and downtrodden and all the other male culture fantasies that have been inflamed in the public's mind about me and my situation. Other males perceive that I got 'owned' by males intimate with me or around me and somehow I become the ultimate toilet doused, tea bagged nerd in all their selective homo-erotic fantasies from college and high school.

As I woman let me tell you how we, at 37 think. If you are younger than mid thirties you are a mild threat and a great source of sexual fantasy though too young to be realistic for choosing. Some of you younger at this point even resemble the sons I never had and are considered 'cute' in your gloating over thinking you know what is going on from your youthful vantage point. Kind of like me looking out the window of my home at boys playing in the yard- how sweet.

I know instinctively that there is always an older male guardian owning your ass every day, keeping the world safe from your foolish youthful high testosterone levels and in experience. This is MY comfort and security in life. Thus YOU have no real effect on an older female going through my situation.

No one 'owned' me or took me down. This was life long and I have fought with much bravery, valor and disregard for my own life, health, future and happiness. If any one was put in my position it is doubtful that the average person would have weathered so well.
It has been documented that males have a tendency to be able to take pleasure in human suffering more so than any female. Great, and there must be a reason for that in nature. However, its my job to be a bit more serious about such matters. And nature made women, especially THIS one that way for a reason. A few key males were given the spotlight temporarily and rewarded in order to give male perpetrators credit for a take down. It serves the purpose of making me appear abused and helpless so that other males will naturally be attracted to a bleeding carcass left for dead and hopefully take part. I know what the set up is. Its elementary..and really the system is choosing to utilize cultural fantasy concerning female and male dynamics which are very primitive. The whole thing teeters on a woman now not being able to get a restraining order because the attacker is phantom in nature..and if it becomes public domain you cant order a whole nation or large part of the population to cease and desist. This is the fantasy and it is served up so that a portion of the population will do a few peoples dirty work for them. Its part of the prison system that keeps targets down and that is all it is. Its part of the psychological prison out in public space. These are the days of experimenting with false environments created out in public space and I have posted about this before and its logical connection to TI's and human experimentation. Psychological warfare utilizes such things regularly anyway.

So no, I don't take you seriously, I just think your ignorant, rude modern males with a hopeless non understanding of the female animal...especially an older one. A lone older female animal. I don't understand your views and attitudes on the subject and I do not have time to figure it out. Young males annoyed me when I was young do to a marked lack of understanding of anything finer for the most part...perhaps this is the American male strictly, and now that I have much more understanding of young bucks, I have little use for them. )

We need to realize the nature of the people who are in charge of our lives is not always as savory as marketed.

Man does not= Power and Scientist does not= a god or someone with our best interests at heart.

There needs to be a serious examination of the people involved in illegal human experimentation. What makes THEM tick??

And as always the use of psychological warfare needs to be examined in relation to these is one of the most damaging activities aside from outright violent warfare....which at least would be easy to prove.

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