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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I added pics to my ex of art/media subliminals post "The Perps have a posse" from Nov 08..enjoy!

This was photo 30. Missing from my email is photo 29 which shows this artwork next to a local address proving its location. That could just be the stranger with the phone camera didnt send them all. But there is another missing as well and I know it was there.

As of posting these, the originals on my email have been be even MORE dark than you see..originally they appeared light. And also when properties is clicked when right clicking on photo--it says they were modified as of TODAYs date and that is not when they were taken per my emails recieved.

Pictures posted dark. Lighten them with your computer if you can until I find how to fix the problem....these were taken at night but on my end they are lighter.

These are photos of the art piece that is described in this post: (photos added to this post. Click on link to see photos)

Only I guess I would have to link to other subject matter involved thats mentioned in the post ...and for legal I am NOT doing that. YOU can look it up if you want.

At least artists' posting in public spaces is useful to me.
Oh well, its in a public space.....well, I simply assume this is a certain artists work. The piece has no signature so I cant say for sure exactly who it is.

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