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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another possible frame out you arent confused with this guy

Yes, here is another kind of person you will accused of being...along with being a pedophile, terrorist, drug dealer, schizophrenic, psychotic, bi polar etc etc.

I can only wonder how this guy got this way at only 21!!! Well, he did demonstrate that he was a "monster".

Hey, alot of people are cut off and lonely. And alot of people have had a break with most of the country over the last 8 years under Bush. However, if you self entertaining, or self amusing or a frustrated artist you could be accused of being this guy. And all the other shit I mentioned.

When the gang stalking system can perhaps get you this isolated or drive you this nuts....I wonder if he was one of us. No I dont think he was targeted. If he was he would be more concerned about himself than her really. Did this guy ever go to a therapist? Or was he just sitting around his house at 21 this insane??

Alot of TI's are suspect that programmed killers get conveniently 'obsessed' with people that they then murder (like John Lennon for example). Lennon was complaining of being followed and alot of people suspect a cointelpro like action against him.

21 is just so young to be this out of touch with other human young.

And I have to say that TI's are self centered survivalists. I dont think anyone should kill themselves for someone else..more than his videos I would love to get footage of his family being analyzed. What happened that made him so angry and isolated? And I wonder if becuz he chose a female was his anger towards a woman originally? Its likely.

However, Bjork is going to attract crazies. Like it or not, her music goes into a realm that alot of people in modern western civilization are not ready for...its very primitive at times. One of her videos actually looks like some elements of programming. I couldnt even watch it it was so triggering.

Perhaps she attracts people who desperatly need healing..this man certainly did.

She should know its not her fault. TV and all pre recorded light and sound have created other worlds for the human mind to deal with. If someone is not grounded or something else is going on, then people can become lost or project into these alternate realities so to speak.

Unfortunately, if you are targeted if you are at all eccentric, you may be made out to be dangerous due to people like this existing. Then again the gang stalking system will attempt to drive you this crazy over time. Thus we get the suicide or the lone shooter. People who let the system drive them over the edge.

It would be very interesting to see if he was complaining of being stalked or harassed at any period of his life or had symptoms of being targeted at all. But usually this doesnt take hold of a person to drive them over the edge until thier like in thier 30's or so.

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