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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why are TI's so damn nice?/ sociatal denials

WHAT in the hell is yer problem people?
How can you attack a problem like this? I love my blog, I can swear all I want. In fact for what I have been through its surprising I have not ended it yet or gone postal. This is how they make terrorists out of good people. TORTURE..as they said about Gitmo- " If you weren't one before we probably made you into one".

If you think that humans are not capable of this-read a history book. Better yet a law book.
ANYONE who wants us labeled delusional is ignoring good detective work as an option and also they are subscribing to a perception that life is all right and all is well and people are good-thus we are the problem. You have yet to prove your perception of life is correct before you make a judgement about how a TI's perceptions are out of touch or warped.

Humans have a history of unethical experimentation, greed, lying, murder, rape, sexism, racism, genocide, war, abandonment, deceit, and denial.
Its no surprise to me that CRIMINALS or those involved with them and LAW ENFORCEMENT or those close to them are the FIRST people to acknowledge the subject matter as valid without question...at least when the concept of gang stalking-like activity is posed to them.
Then, if that is at least validated in concept--then why not go towards human experimentation and misuse of technologies? Its all about people not wanting to admit to criminal minds have that much access.

What is stopping TI's is the same thing that used to happen in the 50's here in the USA when you claimed for instance that some adult-likely an authority figure, was doing something unthinkable.. for instance molesting you or someone else. Making claims against authority like that- especially authority that is mystical somehow or has mystery to it, something the public needs spiritually to trust in- is never popular and will always be received with scorn.
The responses that people used to get were "People don't do things like that" (especially people in trusted authority), " That doesnt happen here" (America for instance), "You must deserve it"...I could go on and on. It's the same attitude. The only thing stopping TI's claims other than pseudo official denials or persecutions from people who try to scare us with thier authority and position, is the fact that NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE THAT ANY ONE WOULD ENGAGE IN SUCH BEHAVIOR TOWARDS OTHER HUMANS ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY AND AGE..for what often seems like no good reason.

There are many reasons but it's often complicated. By the way the intelligence world is full of wackos, human filth, pawns, informants, rats, double players and yer not gonna hear what they are up to on the news...

And what about all those intelligence operatives who were rogues , they and other parties made up that mess with Ollie North and such. Once people have access and knowledge, AND they know how to sneak around and expect that you wont be exposed to their actions, its very tempting I am sure for them to go off on their own and create a crime ring or rogue group.

This would require the public actually being interested in more than boring Bourne novels. It would be waking up an entire nation to the idea that the truth is always more interesting and messed up than fiction.

But then this wouldn't be America....we wouldn't be 'free'. TI's pose a very real image problem to an entire nation of people who, like all humans I assume, need to keep reality at arms length every day to survive a lifetime.

That's too bad. We are here, we suffer and the tech is so obviously possible if not outright patented. The only problem is how people piece together the evidence...and public managed perceptions.

You need to stop treating the system and its perpetrators like they are civilized adults becuz they are not acting that way. And stop acting as if you are surprised that official channels dont work.
When did covert ops or clandestine ops ever include civility? Or 'the norm'? Its sneaky and underhanded. It involves undermining the very psych of the other guy..in nasty ways.

Being civil to make it so people want to listen to you is one thing...but to be so well behaved as to be the perfect victim is ridiculous.
According to what we all know from being targeted, its a simple game of clandestine ops along with psychological warfare. Then for some of us there is what seems to most logically be use of technologies which either are quite possible via history of such things or are patented.
The intel collection is massive --yet quite easy for those who have access. If you are surrounded by the right kind of people, namely those who have something to lose if exposed, then a sell out of the desired Target is not so far fetched. How many times has the public on the news heard of murder or other disposal of family members or spouses. And those are the people who actual get caught...there are many cold cases. But it at least shows that humans do these sort of things.

Deep down all humans are killers if necessary. We are aggressive if necessary. We are greedy when we want something or need something.
The idea that such plots of evil design could not exist is laughable and childish....but convenient enough for the public to believe..especially if that's more convenient and profitable.

Stop being so nice and stop wondering 'why?' all the time. This is the nature of life, this is human war, aggression and murder. Do you think a dead soldier on the battlefield dies wondering 'why?'. He knew the risks. The greatest slap in the face for any TI is that no one will morn us as heroes, not one will acknowledge what we have lived through.
I say that the systematic ignoring is the number one deadly tool and tactic. So you can't try to convince people becuz the chances that they know what they are doing by denying what is happening is always there.

Tthe perps greatest pain in the ass is when you are a thinking person. When you use your experience, wits, intuition and logic. This is why its so important to disorient a TI and also work on their very personal mental and emotional states.

If you are smart they need to play very, very dirty to gain any advantage. I suspect this is why they seem to troll a victim for a few years before a full on assault. It's an ambush really.
Becuz as an average American or any other democracy your mind is not ready for the awareness of this reality--which is what makes it so damn unfair. I never had any training as far as I know..and there was no declaration of war. It's very unfair. And coming from where I was its downright ungallant. That is why you have realize you're dealing with people who on a covert level are akin to search and destroy. I recall stories from Vietnam vets. Anything in the way in the hacking of the jungle out of their way...babies, women, children, animals...anything or anyone. Dead. Killed.

Now imagine dealing with a virtual like reality--covert warfare, psychological warfare, everyday AND trying to live normally around people who have no idea what is happening to you. AND KEEPING YOUR COOL. Sounds like the little problem they had in Iraq by asking the SAME SOLDIERS WHO KILLED THE POPULATION TO ALSO PROVIDE AID TO THEM ALTERNATELY.
Do you know how seriously f*cked that is? And the US military has no idea its messed up right? I just wonder if that in itself isn't more human experimentation. It would involve 'switching' between alter egos and still keeping control.

There is so much more going on in our world at any one given moment than you know or think you know. HOW DARE YOU JUDGE A PERSON MAKING REASONABLE CLAIMS. Becuz TI's are not saying anything outrageous..not when you look at the whole case.
And don't hand me the Sharon Hamburger year long investigation and study becuz that right there is the most obvious BS conflict of interest I have ever seen...forget it.

We are reasonable people in relation (its all relative) to the environments we have been placed in.

I personally am not so tired of being laughed at due to the mocking itself, but the reality that this whole ordeal has cost me my looks, my future, my health and my happiness and any chance to feel fulfilled in my life before death. Basic human desires here people..what should be rights.
I have been forced to sacrifice all this and for that peoples laughter is like heavy handed blows. I no longer question what they are laughing at...is it a cover story and I was exploited in some way that is amusing? Are they really sadistic? What is it? It does not matter. Their reasons do not matter...most likely its another tactic to make the Target seem paranoid..'oh, so you feel random people are laughing at you?' Well, if someone put out a messed up enough cover story, then with the destroy-Brittany-obsessed mindless population that would be reason enough.

Then the mad and insane (and Americans are insane at this point...and totally losing touch with humanity) mob will do alot of the work for the covert operators. Its all very complicated and covert and nasty and evil and no one has time for anything but a sound bite....

Like the blurb that a TI will get in the paper when they are dead.
That is all your whole life will amount to.

Its not easy to think that there is a force in society that actually wants you dead, like a genocide or a murder plot. Gas lighting is hard enough to take..and its very sad to think of. But the idea that some people actually do not expect you to survive and that in itself is their goal is, on a daily basis, very very unsettling.

I am fortunate.... I can name names and show basically a conspiracy involving crime, drugs, money, jealousy and revenge. This people can buy into as motives for gas lighting or plotting against an individual who is..inconvenient.

Alot of TI's cannot make such claims and some do not even know why they are targeted.

The worst idea is that you will never be let alone until you submit to a system that is corrupt and seems to want to control you and your victim witness testimony to the existence of such a system, with a label of mental illness. For some of us other options are offered like the Just go on with your life and pretend it never happened, or Take the blue pill route. Both are worse than death for alot of us.

And death is seems, for this system of human disposal/destruction is quite an acceptable outcome.

Your being murdered and if you can show any kind of cause you are not imagining things. If you ARE imagining things then get out of the way. Becuz these are not imagined threats.. for alot of us the pain of betrayal is far too real and evident for it to have been imagined.

At the shelter that I stay in sometimes there is a girl who seemed to function normally and was seemingly accepted by the group. Then I started to notice that she has signs of either true mental illness or being targeted. I do not know enough of her history to know which is which. But one thing I have come to realize if not envy is the way that she is tolerated and even cared for..even if she starts going off in a way that is very mentally ill sounding. She isn't nasty and seems more like a little girl for the most part...people are kind to her. They support her or just ignore her outbursts.

This is what I mean when I refer to betrayal as a Targeted Individual. The cruelty we encounter from people involved in scamming us and trying to pull off this con is so brutal emotionally and mentally that its one of the major reasons we are sure that we are NOT mentally ill. It smacks so much more of CRIME than anything imaginary. It burns like being burnt, it smacks like being beaten and it hurts like the end of a life. Real mental illness would not be that abusive...and before you start pointing out paranoia in that psychiatrists book, do your history homework on diagnoses and even things like infectious disease (Toxoplasmosis) and the onset of schizophrenia with a cat domestication and ownership culture circa 1890 or so. Look up how many critics psychiatry itself has.
Realize that these possibly made up or contrived labels are then handed out without investigation. What, people don't get gas lighted anymore becuz the DMSV says otherwise? Good tell a victim of crime that next time you run into one.

The problem with psychiatrists is that they are human and can be threatened and manipulated. They have children, jobs, cred, futures. They need grants or need to keep funding. In the game of crime that TI's are sucked into, these professionals should be put on par with every other professional that misbehaves and takes part in the harassment, stalking, gas lighting and disinfo campaign against the TI...unless you are claiming that psychiatrists are your new gods due to the fact they have 'special powers' so that they can block intimidation and threats like speeding bullets.
Special powers huh? You know that's in the diagnoses book as nutty right? Maybe you need to see a doctor and get some medication...I mean, your psychiatrist has 'special powers' now according to you, and can resist the temptations and pitfalls of other humans in professional jobs, so why dont you dispense with the meds and just start praying to your shrink. Go all the way with what you have started with these new untouchable false gods and bow down...becuz that is in essence what you do whenever you fear thier judgement, collectively or individually, in reference to your own sanity if you don't conform to thier standards for sanity. Why don't you just ask them to wave thier hands over yer head??? I mean, like the neo high priests that they are, they never cave to corruption and they are always right?? Right?

If it has a heart beating in its chest, if it walks on two legs upright and is a bi ped, if it bleeds when it is cut, if it speaks out of its mouth lies or truths in my language its a Human Animal...and it is subject to all of the rest of the failings as any other.

This culture fears conspiracy..due to it still having phobias against Russia and Germany. We never ever want to be like those countries. We never want to have sneaky goings on around us. Or better yet, its the American way to support the winners and quietly let the losers go, its what has made us great and will keep us great. Just don't say anything about it happening. Systematic ignoring is well, patriotic.

I am sure everyone has some rationale for their silence or partaking but its not a TI's problem to think of such things. We are always fighting for our lives.

And the public will never have to pay is the problem...every one of us who dies they always get away with the crime. What have they done? Mocked, or perped someone once. Or looked on as damage was done. Even if they are actively involved no one need know, especially if the TI is very weak or helpless.

The reason that this is a crime and not imaginary is the very nature of the crime makes it so that there is no real consequence for participation..in fact there may be a reward. Now THAT is motivating.

And most of all one can base these human behaviors on the dynamics of the mob, which this really does fall under.

Its useful to be articulate and civil but this is nasty business. Use logic I guess...and don't let them then get you to stop using logic by saying you have Ashboogers Syndrome...can you believe that a perp group in AZ tried that on me for a few days? All becuz I could stay cool and logical. They tried to add in other things about my character that were just not part of that syndrome.

People were laughing at me getting pulled in. To this day its funny to some people. There must be a huge amount of child abusers, pedophiles and domestic abusers out there...what is disturbing is that they are seemingly organized and grouped.
And magically, there is no record of their existence readily available.

That right there tells me they are being ACTIVELY HIDDEN AND [PROTECTED and thus must always SERVE SPECIAL INTEREST. Thus we are not dealing with NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES or situations. So TI claims and behaviors fall under the heading of unusual or out of the cultural norm to begin with.
Interesting that the concept of organizing abusive people is not readily available in our culture...then its deniable. The 'smear people'..please, they go way beyond that.

Why does their group get special privilege? Why do they get to hit and run? And most of all, things are now going to go sour for them...why? Becuz like any crime profession you lose when you get greedy. They got greedy...stalking and harassment are one thing. Adding torture and the tech is over the top and absolutely outrageous.

Taking business in this direction was a bad idea for them. Torture..for what? Human experimentation is the only logical answer..that or we'd have to get into the human primitive urge to sacrifice other humans and no one in this culture will go near that in this day and age.

Stop being afraid to be angry or to be validated. Your being murdered and for every TI that is genuine I have experienced a range of ops who are full of sh*t and diversionary. So maybe certain TI docility is genuinely from being terrorized...then again it may be a bad example set on purpose of how to act or be or become...old mind control tactic. Seen that one before.

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  1. Ha... well, one kid carrying out a perp assignment here in town told me I was 'dead'. I've had other kids yell out 'die', as well as one jerkoff who was leaving this place I was eating. Before he left, he turned right around and said 'die!' in my direction. Perps do that to me. I realize that could be psychological games, but it tells me these sadistic a-holes know what the goal of this whole game is. It seems like a good bit of street-level perps know what the goal is, and they're pretty cocky about it, like they expect me to roll over and be dead one day. That's why it's important to stay alive and keep blogging, so we can show these jerkoffs that we aren't going anywhere, and that not everyone is going to be done in.

    With regards to the laughing, I believe it's because they hate us, and feel that our harassment is justified. It's also to rub our faces in the dirt... more harassment. Part of it IS gaslighting, though. What I don't get is that perps who laugh at me sometimes get bombed with harassment themselves by other perps. I've seen higher-up perps (or maybe other gamers) in the system stick up for me like that. It's a sort of 'And what the hell do you think YOU'RE laughing at???' Like they want them to do their role, but just don't get too happy doing it, because we can do it to you, to. I don't know if you've seen that. I see quite a bit of it.

    One tactic they like to do is the role-reversal tactics, where you are the jerk, perp, molestor, or, and get this... I'm a 'piece of shit'. or whatnot. I find their persistence amusing. after all, if I were all those things, why would so many unintelligent jerkoffs be out there mobbing me? Why does it take perps literally waiting for me like every store and restaurant? Because they are afraid of me, and know I am quite capable, if I play my cards right, of causing major damage to their idiotic perp groups.