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Thursday, February 19, 2009

a new blog I skimmed through (

(THAT is what a green beret looks like? He looks like like almost every perp I've ever had to deal with. Why is he so....weak in the eyes? Nothing personal but he reads like.. anyway, why does he look like an actor?
Kids, if you can scan these faces, these types of men, it may be useful to realize who you have been dealing with.

If I find out that my mother had anything to really do with this due to her new neverending love of the military, her subscriptions to "Leather neck" magazine, her US MARINE CORP insignia on her computer when she goes online(she was never Corp), her military issued credit card she brags about....
why would someone join in her insanity to want to destroy her own kid? Is jealousy part of the military's concerns now? They will help some woman go after her kid out of jeolousy?? Or is it becuz I was going to write a auto biographical account that makes a Marine family look like human beings ( weaknesses and vices)?

Excuse me, who is the one living like an animal out here? Who is the one who has traveled the country twice and lived hard in the interest of freedom? It isnt that poser mother of mine...its me. And that is just the way I am. Not from some false association with organized recognized institutions.

Or is it rogue or former military who are hiding something? What are they hiding? Hmmm, so many of them turn out to be military and also the other highest instance is sex offender. What the hell is going on?

And why is my mother somehow favored over me or anyone else? If she has been put up as one of those suburban spies over the last few years, and instilled with a sickening false sense of patriotism that ends up serving what amounts to a witch hunt....So you can get rid of anyone inconvenient as long as its under some bogus claim that the person is a terrorist or some such claim?

Just seeing this pisses me off. Could the military possibly be that pathetic?..well Aquino and all.
Better than LaVey anyway.

And that would explain the ego/power trip these idiots who are perps seem to be on.
It would also explain the extreme and brutal sexism and trying to control the victim into becoming a desired personality.

I think I will have ALOT more to say on this in future. How dare they abuse thier training just to harass someone they have a hard on for. I get the feeling this is bigger than just a personal issue with some dissident.)


Anonymous said...

Consider that photographers are perps, too. So the image itself may be used as a form of street theatre. I've seen more than enough of those.

I used to see a lot of gangstalkers with Van Dyke beards like this guy. I couldn't figure out what the message was, but maybe they simply liked to send those types out?

Rachael O. said...

Van Dyke? This is also referenced as the LaVey look. Its my estimation that he used to have the shaved head and the beard and that look to look menacing like Stalin...he was of Jewish Eastern european descent. It was the 60's. There was alot of 2nd generation eastern european Jews bringing a certain philosophy into entertainment at that time. Star Trek, the Twighlight Zone..very communist in alot of ways. I get it and am not offended by it, but it was coming from this influence of immigrants. I think LaVey wanted to freak people out and try to appear to be a menace.
So for years I havd seen the recycled Stalin look that LaVey made popular.
If Aquino can dress up like Dracula and still be a military intelligence officer anything is possible.
I am only assuming that this is LaVey inspired, but its become so co-opted by regular people and yuppies who are going bald and want to appear masculine still..its become the classic look for a guy seeking to appear menacing and dominant I guess.

Van Dyke...I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was wrong. I was confused. A Van Dyke is more like what Frank Zappa had, if I'm not mistaken. LaVey had that classic 'Devil' look, but not as long and pointy.

I was also intrigued by some professors that liked the Civil War look. For example:

Back in those days, geeks were considerably tougher-looking. :-)