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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Better/ mold exposure effects treated

The weather here now makes everything moldy.. I have probably been doing badly due to that. I took something today for reduction of mold in the system and I feel alot better.

I should have left here as Nov actually for health reasons.

Its interesting how powerful mycotoxins are on certain human's systems...

I have posted about Russia using it to lower the intelligence of dissidents and
it being used in MK Ultra in the form of LSD (ergot) and
certain molds being synthesized into yellow rain bio warfare agent.

So many uses!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you're reconsidering your suicide intentions. The key to survival is training to ignore all these goofballs. I get so many of them, and they're like everywhere! I don't know how anyone can be truly happy being in their position. They really think they're having the time of their lives provoking and pissing us off. It kind of reminds me of the vampire legend -- how the undead seeming have all this power, converting the living to the undead, and they never truly have peace until the have their heads cut off and a stake driven through their hearts.

Speaking of which, maybe the vampire legend comes from an earlier form of organized harassment? The paradigm is pretty accurate --- you've got the undead infecting other living souls with their undead-ness. And how when they are exposed to sunlight, they get vaporized.

Seriously, how can any perp really be happy doing this? I don't think they really are. It probably just a matter of survival for them, once converted into a perp. They probably get the same thrill as a junkie shooting up with drugs, where you get this tremendous high for a while, and they to maintain your health, you have to keep doing it. To stop is to suffer tremendously.

Medawar said...

A lot of mould toxins can have a depressing effect.

It's the cycle between freeze and thaw which makes the moulds produce toxins.

And quite a lot of people are allergic to mould proteins which are not toxic to everyone.