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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The stupidist book in the world

The DaVinci Code..Hmm. Good sales numbers. Too bad I never bought it, never read it and could care less about it. I also could care less about secret organizations or the Catholic Church or anyone they support.

Anything that reaches the masses and is no longer of special interest is useless at that point. I get comments from people and e mails who keep mentioning Opus Duh and whatever.

Guess what??? If you were involved or drawn to investigation on these subjects, then and only then would they be important. And you would most likely already have some understanding or prior knowledge by birth concerning subject matter and how to negotiate through that subject matter.

Trying to educate the public about such things is just distasteful..and useless. What kind of understanding can the uninitiated have and more so, WHY WOULD THEY NEED TO HAVE SUCH KNOWLEDGE??

I am so sure it is going to help them balance their check books or get to work.. Such people have little use for the tools of spiritual battle. Unless of course its this nasty habit the world has picked up in the last 20 years or so of nothing being sacred and putting the sacred or private out there for entertainment purposes. Pearls before swine if I ever saw an example of it.

This is just more attempts to create a pathetic 'latter day Satanist', technocrat, spiritual communist society where special knowledge is no longer special...kind of like they are doing to special anything nowadays.

No more secrets and cheapen everything.

What say I hand you a manual on Linux when you are not a computer person...or any info pertaining to some specific profession or job when it did not concern you? How interested would you be?? How much of a feel or natural receptivity would you have for the information?? Relatively little I would say.

The average person has just about as much use for these 'mysteries' and cheap theories as well.

I can understand people poking fun and making parody against conspiracy theories due to the fact that there really is never any evidence is there. You can speculate all you want and the people who do know are never going to come right out and tell anyone outside their circles anyway.

Why is it so important to give a SHIT about whether Jesus had a holy cum shot or not and gave the world a child?? Or is Mary M was a whore or not? What that would prove he was human and there fore changes the story?? I'll tell you what it changes..the churches political powers and its influence over people.

I always considered Jesus to be a half Roman freedom fighter who may have perhaps been a healer or very gifted. Most people don't even follow his teachings..they go to church and practice showing up and lip service. I always said these people were non Sunday Satanists. The rest of the week their behaviors are what Christians consider 'satanic'. Duh, their human animals..then I get blasted down south by the evangelists who consider Jesus as their personal human sacrifice...all you have to do to get saved is --I mean I just don't understand any of it and Christians spend so much time arguing over differences that it makes Christianity suspect in general.
The world would be such a wonderful place if people believed in these teachings, if they really lived this way. But how do his teachings reflect in society politically?? How can you actually have wars as a country and still say you are Christian?
I know this sounds childish and simple, but people so often say one thing and do another.

People are social animals that do as their told for the most part especially in order to be accepted by the group or gain the approval of authority.
I have been perped by people who keep claiming Christianity...or have gone over to Judaism..

These for most people are just tribes. If you really followed Jesus would gang stalking exist??

Maybe the world would be a better place if Jesus did leave some descendants to keep helping man out..if that were the case do you honestly believe that there would not be sects ready to destroy those people??

Humans war, humans murder they fight over things, they are territorial they are unhealthy and sick and humans die. Being in these bodies is not easy and earth is a shitty gig for sure.

But humans also are capable of acts of good or kindness..all the healthy things that go along with more refined human emotions.

The world so I hear is becoming more 'satanic'. What does that mean that people are going to get up off their asses and go off on their own, test their meddle and stop being sheep? Uh, don't think so.
The world is becoming enslaved is the problem..if the public thinks that this is 'satanic' and it is good..well. Someone gave the sheep an attitude is all.

It all started years ago when the masses were told that being edgy was OK..when yuppies started being seen in leather on Harley's. Tattoos are removable now so you can sheep out of your life commitment to the tat.

Just because violence (without passion or sex of course) and coldness becomes incorporated into this society does not make it a rebellious society. Satanism is a reaction to Christianity. And alot of things considered 'satanic' by Christians were simply common place in paganism or ancient mystery religions. I find the study of each side confusing.

Forget all of it. All you need to know is that people are unhappy, the finer human emotions are being phased out. Humans are becoming enslaved. People have no privacy and this is where true magic is created. Once you know about all that is being done to destroy people it becomes obvious that its unhealthy and its main purpose is to take human spirit and strength away.

The problems lay in people not being able to connect to their inner selves any more. People having no privacy internally or externally. Not trusting that you can go off alone with your thoughts or go off alone physically without being GPS tracked or a camera somewhere.

What is it worth a world where you can be 'safe' but you cant BE? The continual stress of constant surveillance wears humans down emotionally and mentally. I see nothing but stressors and stress inducers everywhere. It freezes people up eventually.

I am sure if you have enough money then you have privacy..perhaps not I don't know I am not in that place. But what about the rest of us?

People have a right to be happy...isn't that what it says. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Not altered against one's will or the horror of being babysat constantly.

I refuse to believe that Opus Dei is so full of men who are threatened by female prowess that they would go against nature to the point of interfering to any extent that eventually they would have to pay for. Its possible...if they are that obsessed with staying out of a matriarchal society or whatever their fears are. But the universe has a tendency to extract payment for such destruction. So stop trying to tell me about conspiracy theories related to gang stalking...

Lets just sit back and see what the Obama bots can do with the country. Maybe there will finally be acknowledgement and a vote on spying, privacy, and tech such as brain mapping and anything else intrusive. (I have seen a clip where the VP mentions brain mapping at least).

Hmm...brain mapping. Mind control. Remote influence..chemical influence. Spying. Coercion.
Thought reform, behavior modification...

Its not 'God' we have to worry about or anyone who likes to associate with such matters...its the humans who are PLAYING gods using science that need to be concerned with.

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