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Thursday, February 26, 2009

LSD without the drug or the side effects/ as related to gs

I have not watched all of these. (vid at bottom)
And I have much distrust of white lighters and New Age practitioners.
This is mostly, in my opinion, what humans can do on primitive levels anyway and it can be explained by less childish methods.

There are a few good books on this as well as internet info.

What I do not like about this is that the video DOES activate (or with me re-activate) the pineal gland. What is causes this..thru a video?

How much of this is tech influenced and how much is natural to humans?

always there is a darkness as well. This is a harsh reality, the reality of earthly life that the person making this video is not including. This is irresponsible, childish and dangerous. There must be the acknowledgement of all forces not just good ones. And there for me there must be balance. The info that is being put into these video is doneso very irresposibly. .becuz its presented in this manner that is not taking into consideration other those that might come after you to either steal your energy or shut you down.

As I watched this video, the activation of that area now makes me nausoues, as if there is an aversion to this from conditioning.

The only reason I feel this is related to organized stalking is that a TI who turned out to be a criminal opportunist who used to occasionally feel bad for me so dropped info to me, said that the tech and the gs system- " they know exactly what they are doing..they're trying to shrink the pineal gland"...

What the hell does THAT tell you?

Also I have read on the web that this natural human ability is being replaced by technology.
This may be why we feel that there is a compesation going on as we are tortured..that feeling I have described before that is a fake out..'god like' bliss and or painkilling effects..but you can tell its fake for one and secondly I as a human being dont activate it through MY OWN WILL it is something forced upon me.

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downcastmysoul said...

If they can shut down that tiny pineal gland then they can cut off contact with our spiritual selves and God. It would be necessary for them to do that, so the whole world would reject God and accept an evil one world ruler. God is supposed to be able to contact His people no matter what, though. So if a person is faithful the perps still lose, theoretically.