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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RE: comment

Cheney Gives his Final Interview with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation - 1/04/09
At 2:37 he says 'I don't believe we've violated anybody's civil liberties'. About a half minute prior, he talks about the NSA working with the CIA on Intelligence gathering 'for us'. But who is the 'us' he is speaking of? Perps, or the govt.? This could be interpreted as perps are working for the govt. But you already said to be careful in making such a connection, and I think you are right, that we should just stick to gathering the facts, and make conclusions later."
2/10/09 10:07 PM

Thanks for this comment. You can make connections if you have the knowledge or if you do it sensibily and logically. My cautioning is to ensure that people who are genuine realize that operatives and perps are consistently working to disinform and misguide.
Documentation is best I suppose...I have to be honest I didnt really pay attention to who was where during the last administration. I was so out of it from being targeted I was like a child. Also in my opinion its always the same anyway so who cares who is in? I was more interested in surviving I guess.

But it was obvious from the big picture as well as personal experience that there was alot of misuse of what ever was being done for national security. Everyone who was and is thinking can see that.

What still is so ridiculous is that Americans cannot come to terms with what was and is being done. A general mood of hate towards activists especially concerning covert and clandestine type activities doesnt help either. This is going to be one for the history books kids....only then will time be kind to us. Its always that way..then generations feel for the victims and the victims say 'let this not happen again' and the people vow that it never will...and inevitably it always does.

However, the tech and other 'unseen' things they are using is unknown so they are abusing people on new ground.

During the heat of this even just within this year there were still people I am suspect of as bogus activists running around using cult mind control tactics trying to get real Targets to attract more heat with connecting all gang stalking and tech issues to everything from aliens to terrorism/the Bush administration-the war. This was a tactic I believe to discredit as well as justify writing gs activists off as terrorists.
And disinfo agents seem to be on this earth just to make messes and diversions.

That was my only concern, that trying to figure something out would ultimately land a TI in the clutches of the disinfo people or operatives. There was too much hysteria over hoarding is an over stimulation tactic in mind control. It keeps you busy and can be disorienting.

Do you really need to know that Megellians disease is perhaps an alien virus? I was being hounded daily by perps...I could give a f*ck really. But I had people trying to create this whirlwind of info connectedness; a great and large conspiracy...yet THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WERE NOT QUITE INTERESTED IN INFO ABOUT PROGRAMMING, MIND CONTROL, MK ULTRA and were always rude and dismissive of ME in general.

What I did not realize until too late was that I knew more than I realized and I had alot figured out. The system HAD to discredit me to even MYself in order for them to ace the game...sad but in my child-like state it worked.

So just dont go off connecting dots without thinking thats all.


  1. Yup, well, most TI's will trace back their targetting to early childhood. I remember things happening back then, people being mean and obnoxious when I was around them, etc. The only difference, though, is that people today act more scared, like they don't want to touch you. Back then, most people seemed to have a freer will than they did today. Today's population is more scared, timid, and beaten down than I remember from my childhood.

    So, from that, can we conclude that we were selected as targets from a young age? That the people responsible for this targetting only recently started getting the rest of the population involved? Back then I was young, and wasn't trying to connect the events to gangstalking/mc harassment, so I wasn't looking for the signs to connect what was happening to some powerful shadow entity. But I remember people acting the same then as now. Just that the gen. population was less controlled.

    When I watched certain movies, such as Rollerball (that was from 1975 or so), that movie really send my perp-o-meter soaring. You could really FEEL what that movie was about, and that certain people were in the know about what was to come. It was a creepy movie. I recommended that other TI's see it.

    Basically, the 'corporation' that had a controlling interest in the lead character's career tried to convince him to retire, and had tried to kill him off by making the rules of this Rollerball violent by eliminating the rules altogether. The controllers hoped and expected he would get killed. But he survived, and everyone else died, and was popular with the public. The movie closes with him doing a victory lap.

    This ia an extremely cool movie, I felt, for TI's. For example, this one player made a disparaging remark about Asians, and the Jap team destroyed him by sending him into a coma. It's not much different than what we see today, but in a more metaphorical sense. Well, it's almost literal.

  2. Link to the description of that film: