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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Finally something new where I am not repeating myself in order to just stay alive out here...
I have personally experienced the use of body doubles. I have heard this thrown around in TI forums and it was good information. I got some use out of it.

In St Louis, MO at a soup kitchen I stayed away from there for a few days and realized when I returned that there was a woman in line that looked just like me. A man pointed it out to me(the amount of homeless black males outnumbers any other demographic there. MO is where the midwest meets the south. The way I was treated was different than in the northeast of the USA. Black men were a hell of alot nicer in general. I have some intuition that is it was mostly white men there this would not have been pointed out to me.) This other white girl looked like me.. she did look exactly like me and it was dead on from a distance. Very up close if you knew me you wouldn't realize it wasn't me. When I showed up remember I had not been there for a few days...this woman just disappeared, got right the hell out of there. And usually there was the parked car with the lights on watching the unmarked civilian car.
I was watched heavily in St.Loius. Many times with unmarked cars the stalkers would eventually get out of their cars and were cops.
Like I said before St. Louis uses strong arm moreso than their brains. So they dont need to give a shit if you see whats going on overtly.

Another example of doubles being seen by me or used and a hint droppped to me was in AZ these lesbians I was going to rent from started to talk about how much of a problem Oxycontin was...and some story about busts. Then they started to tell me about a friend of theirs who was an Asian butch who shaved her head bald. She had a black Mercedes. There was a bank robbery...or the selling of drugs and the perp was a MAN who was bald in a black Mercedes. Its like they were trying to tell me about mistaken identity...that their butch lesbian friend was mistaken for this other person...and once again they moved towards the idea of going to the FBI.

This is around the time in the beginning stages still when alot of this was still about getting me to go blabbing to the FBI WITHOUT A SUBPOENA BEING HANDED TO ME. Talk about forced suicide.

That was always a theme....then for a while it would turn towards me being a functioning schizo...then at some times it would turn and be about going to the feds again.

Is it the same people playing mind games or is it two wanting me to be a witness and the other offering me a label in order to feel I would be safe in the form of a discredited witness?

At any rate there was always alot of talk that lead to the idea of frame ups being perpetrated using look alikes. Someone I didnt trust but had befriended, who seemed to know alot of what had happened actually said to me sarcastically: "Don't rob the bank" as I went into a bank in St Loius once. It was one of those people who seemed disgusted with whatever had been done to me...or was it someone who was trying to psych me out into thinking that there was a frame up??

In a game that seems to use psychological warfare, one never knows what's true and what isn't...THE HEIGHT OF 'GAS LIGHTING' THE VICTIM.

So this was actually a real phenomena not some disinfo scare tactic diversionary bs.

The best thing I can think of is to make sure you know your own story and also if you get wind of a double, like in that soup kitchen line, then my confronting the situation made the person leave. Filming her would have been better. Youtube is always good (stop putting bullshit vids on youtube where you chase some other cars around and claim to be targeted. You have to craft your case and present evidence that is believable. Just becuz YOU say that car is a perp...where is the proof? Get alot better at catching these a-holes.)

I often wonder if the reason behind that woman being there was for my benefit or detriment. Like did someone want the cars who watch with thier headlights on facing the line to think it was me and divert THEM or was it to frame me up as doing something while there? Ya never know.

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Anonymous said...

They do that alot, and it seems the reason they do it to me is so that they can have the double act all stupid or insane, or act or talk in a manner I never would, and make sure it's in my plain view. It's one of those destructive triggers to make me go berserk.

I did have a paranoid schizo. theme at one time. I suspect they go that route when you have some credible info that could blow the gs'ers cover. That way, you can be written off as some paranoid raving loonie that simply is rattling off conspiracy theories, iow, that this gangstalking is something you invented because you were delusional.

Recently, 2 1/2 years later, they're trying to tell me the cops are looking for me or that I'm running from the police.

I do believe the purpose of doubles is, as you said, to frame you up and make it look like you're a danger to society. But they also have doubles of people who are nice to me, harassing me in various ways, like via dress or demeanor, or conversation. I believe it's just an isolation tactic. That is one thing they pound me with all the time, non-stop, 24/7 -- doubles of people I like to associate with, doing things I despise to get me mad at the person they're imitating. They make sure the double is doing things I'm sensitized to (triggers) and various other stupid crap, like act all cocky, or like they hate me or whatever, to get me very very MAD at the person.

It's funny, because I do get mad at the person they imitate. When I talk to the associate, they seem all nice, and I just wind up so confused... like why were you acting like this?