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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

And everybody wonders why Gen X is 'weird' and eccentric./LSD and baby boomers

Look what we grew up with!

Not that this sort of imaginative play doesn't have its value..its not just drug induced (believe it or not).

But this will get you survielled nowadays probably...

A history teacher who had Downshifted to being a courier recently told me there is this pervasive fear in this country nowadays of anything from the '60s. I don't know if what he is saying is true but he claimed that the kids he was teaching were very savvy about it all. And that they were like little spies that reported back to their parents. But he claimed to have been actively employed somewhere very Christian right wing anyway.

He also claimed that "You cant be who you want in this country". Sounds like the lady at BU who I heard announcing " You cant say what you want in this country".

I suspect however that this guy was a perp..he said some stuff later that was too close to my situation and also I heard some other people in on it say while drunk of him that they knew what he was trying to pull on me.
Its all very confusing..and this is a TI's life. Covert attacks, mind games, handling. People are rotten to you all around but seem to be waring factions.

I am extremely fortunate. I live in an era where there are testimonies from other tbmc survivors as well as Targeted Individuals. I also have a case connected to real bastard criminals who will do anything to anyone to get what they want. I can also name names etc. I can map out the con.

What if someone couldn't?

By the way someone commented and I did not publish it. I said that I could be affected by mold exposure from tech, that is was an induced falsehood.
Not according to the medical evidence I have as well as other documentation.

MK Ultra...the use of LSD. Bio warefare- the use of mold toxins. LSD is is Ergot. Whoever unleashed this on a generation should be shot. Also, I am highly suspect of the heroin addiction of the baby boomers of this age 10 years later. I know there were pushers involved...but I often wonder if a too open and aware psych coupled with growing up and seeing the world more realistically with may be too much for the human mind to bear. According to humans urge to self medicate and self cure I just wonder if an entire generation were not in psychic pain or pain from Ergot affecting the mind.
Imagine if these people were to have just gotten treated for mycotoxin exposure?

As a person who's parent was affected very adversely by LSD it is a very personal subject with me. And my own exposure from a water damaged apartment.. No it does not make everyone ill but it makes those with certain health conditions ill or an allergy to start with.

I had a boyfriend once. And this is the part of my life no one wants to believe..eventually he was approached. Like usual. Someone who was supposedly a practicing satanist started hanging out with him. (It was one of those goofy hateful types that seem to resemble TI's perps. Weak and attempting evil deads by cheap deceptions instead of testing their inner strength etc.) He gave him this book of shadows to read (isn't that a Wiccan book? Whatever) then he started to convince this boy (we were only 17) to see all that was bad about me. Or that I deserved some sort of ill treatment..I am not going to get into what happened but I aced it as usual, but what creeped me out was D asking me in this really evil voice "How do you feel today honey?" Like he expected this setup to work. I simply responded that I was JUST FINE. And I told him to stop hanging out with that bad influence as well.

Then he went off and took a job with some dealers making LSD to sell from the liquid itself. I broke up with him cuz I saw it coming.. I knew he couldn't handle that world. He ended up constantly spilling LSD on his hands and tripping all the time. He also got arrested in NJ and sent to jail ( I knew it).
Then later I talked to his family who said he took a downward spiral. I spoke with him and he told me of things that sounded like my fathers insanity...and now seem like organized stalking affects.

If Targets can get at least the public to wonder about knee jerk reactions pertaining to people, things are often more complicated than some diagnoses out of a book. If the psych people had their way, all of history would be rewritten with diagnoses. Instead of looking at medical issues, bacteria, infectious disease, nature's affect on man. Then the doings of mankind that is devious or underhanded. Life is more interesting and complicated than a label or an easy answer.

I love the bullshit world we live in nowadays. Everything is in order, its forced that way. No one thinks to deeply. Complicated issues are pushed aside in the interest of the big picture and pondering something is wasting time. If something is messy or complex we just cut it down to fit, place it and move on. Even people.

This is done becuz the public have become somehow convinced that due to technology they now have the whole story on everything at all times. Moreso I think that it has given humans carte blanche to not care about agree with a very large group upon who and what is important and will 'matter'. Plainly there is information missing in the official versions of every story, and its usually to be found on the internet.
But this info gets ignored. So the public are picking and choosing thier realities, just like always. Technology has changed nothing. The good thing is that the unofficial versions are there and people are forced to contend with them. Such as every TI blog and website that is out there. Then of course people like that NY TImes a-hole come along and make claims like we are all suffering the same delusion and we use the internet to network. ( roll eyes now).

A time is coming when inconsistencies can no longer be ignored. You can keep forcing ( or inviting) the public to accept the false versions but how long can you manage the truth sitting right beside the lie in plain sight in front of people?

The public would have to then consciously choose to accept one or the other.

I'll tell you organized stalking and harassment is the worst trip of my life that's for sure. I have spent years in cyberspace when I would have rather been living.

The only disorder that TIs need cured is the power hunger of people messing with thier lives for their own gain.

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Anonymous said...

I also got the strong impression there were powerful connected criminals (or maybe one, at least) 'steering' the campaign against me. That came out almost 3 years ago, when some anonymous perp (who I thought at the time was the 'kingpin' perp) came out and started daring me to come after him personally and make it (the gangstalking) stop. The only problem is, this perp would not give a clue as to who he was or where he was at or how he even got my name/info.

It's funny, though, that all the people on the lower levels know nothing about this as well as the many other tactics and harassments that are used on me everywhere. Any small group of harassors seems to think they are the only ones involved. When I tell them of how widespread it is, and how everyone seems to be doing it, they are like WOW, they really had no idea I was being treated like this by everybody.