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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RE: bad experiment comment

Someone from Bad Experiment left this for me to read on a comment recently.

I have read this before actually...

All I have to say is that I do not have time to create a new vocabulary for an entire victim community. I would rather just stick to the agreed upon set up. Also, if you want to claim its the militarization of the target I would say its moreso for the purpose of making it clear that the target is clearly a victim of crime ..the use of the word 'perp' indicates that there is a perpetrator, like when the cops ID a 'perp'. The term "targeted individual" has been used to describe people targeted by companies as well as whistleblowers or journalists etc. Both of these add legitamacy from the world of crime and nasty business that people already accept as reality..therefore drawing people into the idea that we are legit.

The military part is the psychological warfare that is used...psy ops. And we cant change that really can we?

I would not be leary of language so much as I would :
outrageous claims that cannot be backed up
people who know everything about their situation yet somehow get nothing done
mind control tactics used on TI's to ensure nothing gets done
people who seem to know alot about your situation or mirror it too much
what ever else doesnt feel right

If you are a seasoned enough TI you will know what thier tactics are for you and for groups of TI's...

The outcomes desired are:
discredited victim witness
keeping you 'down' for life
personality reformatting

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