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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bands as mind control (video examples may be offensive)


(and I may not approve of the careless use of 'faggot' and 'retard' for easy affect, but its metal heads and young guys mostly making these.)

I was watching this on youtube.. ..

Why did I not see this sooner?

I listen to a variety of things...and some of it is hard. But its got to be good craft wise. Every artist is manipulative, but entire bands can be so much so that there really IS no musical value or the music is intentionally skewed to avoid real craftsmanship.

After just watching some vids on criticism of certain bands I realized that I was drawn to this subject due to it really being relevant.

The difference between other metal and this is that the other bands or genres would repel you if you were not into it or ready for such an experience. This music doesn't suck you have to become interested.
If it isn't compatible with you then you wont be into it. And that is it should be.

The footage of the band that sucks disturbed me..why? (Other than they are dressed like Jason or Mike Meyers from Halloween)

I started to really see and hear
that it sounds like very primitive aggression sounds of our human ancestors, that is so primal it's dangerous if used the wrong way. I also noticed that their body movements are very monkey-like. It reminds me of a riot or a mob lynching hysteria. Yet it is only manageable due to the fact that it is corporate controlled thus it will never get out of hand.

They create a controlled area, then they let loose on the aggression.


Its a f*cking holding area for aggressive, marginalized malcontents and its based on cult mind control tactics and that is why people really rebelling either Spiritually or Intellectually cannot stand it.

I kept listening to it and it made me nauseous and made me laugh (yes, at different times). Yet, I found myself starting to become lulled by it at a certain point. Why?
Becuz it says "come join the mob, stop thinking." And alot of those sounds really are for the purpose of mind control or influence.

I also suspect that the musicians are either chosen for their ability to do this or they are competent musically and they are making these sounds on purpose.

My ex, a bass player was watching Spinal Tap with me once for like the millionth time. He explained to me that in order for the comedians who were popular on SNL early on, to know how to play like shit or comedically, they had to actually know how to play well to begin with.

I know manipulation is part of the arts and I know that corporate America runs over people with the dollar but this is pushing into the next boundary I guess.

The way that these acts push into the next boundary with being scary or violent without causing any real damage is that they make sure that they do not cause the listener to think nor to act in any way truly harmful to the power structure that really matters. Also I notice that they appeal to their listeners most primitive urges.

Bands like this are appealing to young people who lack thrills but most likely have alot of primitive drive either genetically or otherwise. I wonder how many adults listen to this.

Also the sounds are probably meant to annoy adults..and that would mean parents. Good for sales I sure.

I don't think kids or certain people are ready or ever will be for what it takes to truly rebel against the system. Or to even be destroyed by it and survive.

Its the lack of composition that makes it dangerous...its not jogging your brain that's for sure. This music and anything like it will keep you trapped in whatever is f*cking with you. And there IS something so damn corporate or mainstream about it and I cant put my finger on it.

It is the most non truly threatening music I have ever heard. My main point is the cultish tribe/mob thing it creates as well as mind control.

Here is another video:
(you can skip from 1:32-3:17, which is not part of my example. Skip 5:18-7:17 if you like as well. Also 8:35 it pretty much ends. )

(Its like Cirque De Soliel meets Blue Man meets Stomp meets ICP meets a drum core movie meets rap meets Emo.)
The bands he is featuring as counter examples are really more for Individuals who are rebelling, not joining a group.

I suppose I posted that last post becuz now I see its related.

Bands like this create cult-like groups and then manage them..thus it would stand to reason they are corporate controlled. And I read that they have a very ICP type code. Very 'of the family'.

There it is...another example of cult mind control. Right in plain sight.

And people like me are the biggest threat to this sort of corporate created entity/social control.

Becuz I am not someone from the culture that they are trying to piss off- the mainstream. Moms and priests and such. Its also why people like me in our culture have to be ignored and marginalized: Any true rebellion cannot be contained it must be destroyed. And I never considered myself rebellious...I am ME. The mainstream simply does not exist or they are in their world and have no effect on me. Its called the right to exist, and other liberties that organized stalking and mobbing seems to disregard.

Ever notice how many members of the public are in on organized stalking? And if you were exploited as well in some way like Internet exposure, the sheep then think you are for their entertainment. And this culture that is created by bands like this is a mindless hate culture...not a MINDFUL rebellion. It creates troops, mindless drones for whatever destruction is on the agenda. And it seems lately that trying to be hardcore in this sort of way is popular.

But always its a contained threat. The masses are systematically enraged yet dumbed down. They are stimulated but held back. They are definitely heeled not to think.

That is why the music sucks so bad (as mapped out by many Youtubers who attach it to a matter of taste). It is meant to 'suck' I suspect.

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