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Friday, February 27, 2009

Psychiatry- Stop the madness vids (behavior modification)/more on manipulation-racism, classism, sexism

This explains alot about what is happening to alot of TI's. I will put it out there that it feels very much like what has been done to me. Throughout this ordeal.

Also, I have posted about feeling that at certain times and certain places I have received what feels like mild shocks and at times done so cyclically.

What makes no sense about this is that I was highly intelligent with desirable physical attributes. The only reason I could be perceived as emotionally unstable was due to negligence of many people and active harassment of me over years time. Also, internal programming that needed to be dealt with..if you believe that exists which I know that alot of people are not going to. Also, I was told that I needed to be made manageable etc. So its being put out covertly and used to cover for criminals who want someone silenced.

Look at what I have accomplished over time. Look how sane I have kept throughout this ordeal...if anyone is sane, smart and talented its me. So why would I be targeted for being defective or emotionally unstable?

On the video she says that the movement was used to make people manageable--there ya go.

Believe me, I am a bit of an elitist at heart. I always gravitate to quality by nature. To be honest I will say that the idea of preventing birth defects as well as creating a better stronger human being that does well in life and suffers less appeals to me.

But even without any human interference nature takes care of this. If we did not interfere the sick would die the old would go by natural death, the newborn would die if they were not strong enough or sickly. Letting nature do its job has always been my hard view of life. Medicine should be used moderately. Look at my life. I had constant fevers as a child. One almost killed me...what was the point of saving me at all? For the life I have now? ( My mother claimed once that someone at the Dept of Energy told her that my fevers were connected to the radiation experimentation...I dont know if I buy into that. I would need them to show just HOW that is the case.)

I know this is not popular but you must understand, I myself suffer today due to what I consider unnecessary surgeries for endometiriosis that could have been handled with hormone treatments instead. Too many unnecessary medical procedures. Also I watched my grandfather go through many heart surgeries..brutal affairs with harsh after affects and recovery. He did not take care of his health however that might have prevented further heart attacks. He should have been let go if that what was what his actions were going to equal.

So my attitude of more natural methods or a partial return to primitive living in part as a cure for illness is not popular but here is the difference between wanting less suffering in the world and being a lunatic who wants to off people: One is to limit suffering for the benefit of people and of all humanity. Balance.

The other seems to be based in hatred for humans.

If someone is born with defects and they live then they should not be murdered by someone just becuz you feel they are inferior or you feel they are suffering. There is not anything that human love for another human cant make less traumatic. If you lay dying then this is natures will, the body is dying. Would you rather be alone and suffering or around loved ones or in the presence of people who loved you?

It is how we treat each other while we are here that counts.

The kind of people in this video are the sort that cant deal with their own pain or thier own pasts so they cant stand to see suffering. They also feel defective themselves so they cant stand 'defective' people.

There are too many people on the planet and there is too much pollution. THIS IS CAUSED BY A SYSTEM THAT WOULD RATHER CURE THAN PREVENT. It seems to me that money has to be made so therefore the world is mess. THEN clowns like this come out and say that populations need to be lowered and defective people need to go. Its all BS. This is all usually a cover for either personal or business motivations.

And one has to question anything that involves heavy handed cruelty. ANYTHING.

I do not agree with all of what the woman in the video is saying.

I will admit that I too have pondered about African Americans being civilized only 400 years. But that does not mean that it is

1) always a negative thing

2) a reason that they have had some disease that makes them run from thier masters (ridiculous)

3) anything but my pondering and wondering

The positive side of this would be that they avoided the nonsense of the middle ages. That they would retain more power connected to earth and natures ways. Also everyone is so integrated already (admit it or not) that that idea is not so important now. Its just interesting to think about. Notice how it was immediately used to enslave them further opposed to anything positive to come of it.

Its not that any race is more inferior to any other...its that each people from different countries have thier own character and thus develop their own cultures. We are all good at something different, and that would include different persons in a tribe, different tribes, etc.

Diversity and left wing liberal thinking is not working. This in itself has become totalitarian. As a painter by nature I enjoy taking in every and all facial features and differences I can get in a day. I take joy in cultural differences..I was never afraid of foreigners and always went native easily. I am a born traveler and thus I cannot stand this movement that wants never to admit to differences in humans around the globe. That we are all the same. That we should all be the same. That no one should take about or take joy in differences.

I will not lie to you that when I wake sometimes in the shelter and there is an African woman sleeping next to me and a part of her shoulder shows, with a blue satin strap on it, that that is not a most perfect picture or photograph. Does that mean I am racist or even a lesbian? No. I means that art is all around us. I means that really dark black women have beautiful colored skin to an artist. Does this mean that she will not do something when she wakes to be racist towards me or piss me off in some way? Does this guarantee that we will get along? No, it does not. People are beautiful often but humans are dangerous and its always a game to survive.

It seems we live in a time when EVERYONE is chasing some perfect totalitarian system of managing humans in order to survive.

You better get used to the truth. Life is complex, its random ( or should be) and nothing is total. Stop trying to make people into what you want them to be.

I will never stop being fascinated by racial differences or how we got this way- all of us. I will never stop trying to find truth either. And thinking about things is just that.

Do you know how many people I have seen lately that seem to be into diversity but still engage in or stand by gang stalking? That tells me that the only reason that they stand by diversity is because someone told them that they should or could. I do not trust this sort of person. I trust people who exercise thier free will and don't play games to hide. I trust the people living in places like Cambridge MA years ago when it was a place where diversity was being lived in as an idea not some concept of forced integration. Becuz the people there WANTED to be there. They wanted to live in that neighborhood.

It seems that gang stalking is making forced integration easier. And as someone who grew up during the 70's bussing horrorshow I am very sensitive to this issue. And its a mess mostly at the level that I live on. I don't live diversity, I live having to deal with ghetto environments and all the BS that goes along with that. That is not diversity. Diversity is a word to get rich whites and suburban people to behave themselves. There is alot more daily "white people" this and that. There is a constant environment of intimidation. And whether you like it or not the only reason I make it out unscathed daily is probably becuz I am protected and this is known. Also I am Italian enough to not be lily white and seem sheepish and fearful. I also have a grandfather from Naw'lins so I am not stupid to all that goes on. And after saying all that, do you realize who my harshest critics will be? Upper class whites and other. Blacks would be the first to admit what is really happening here. The ones who keep it real anyway.

Classist struggles as well as sexism are often diverted from attention by making a focus of racial issues. I have been across the country and seen problems with economic warfare and a war on the poor..this is never approached by yuppies and left wingers or liberals with campaigns calling for all of us to get along. Its quietly hidden as it goes on and race is focused on.

There is waaayyy more of a problem in this country nowadays with classism than race. And the only thing they have created is a racial cold war where everyone is finding reasons to secretly hate on each other and smile in the face politely. This means that there is some form of control over the population that they feel they cannot express themselves readily.

Ghetto culture has infiltrated say, the service industry and destroyed it. Is this diversity? I see upwardly mobile blacks all the time shunning black trash that seek favor under the guise of calling someone 'brother'. The guy wants nothing to do with his own 'people'..(wait isnt that racist? Hmm..or isn't it racist to be elitist and call only other blacks brother? Guess what world? Mind your own business and let cultures have their own ways. Stop trying to make people behave and conform.)

I am not going to sit here and let a bunch of brutal sexists try to represent me as a racist. It is one of the biggest ways to get anyone who thinks outside what is acceptable nowadays to look bad.

For instance this idiot in the Cambridge homeless scene slipped and looked right at me and said I was a know how as a TI you can tell that its part of the slander. Well, he has issues with women, misses his wife, is a drunk who is killing himself slowly. Yet the man he talks to everyday makes the most overt and insane racial comments.. I posed this too him. He left the world of logic and said " yeah, but he is a funny bastard". This shows white male privilege to judge who is acceptable and who is not. Also I assume that his friend not only supports his sexism but also is not a threat at all thus is tolerated. (Camb is full of homeless and drunks who are educated or fit into that city's academic leanings).


It would be the same as altering an equation. All the gang stalking system does is alter logic selectively. They also leave things out on purpose as well as create things that are false.

It ensures that the TI is never socially acceptable. Think about it. If indeed I am targeted in part becuz people don't like my eccentric ponderings or my wanting to look for truth or what is real and its somehow based on something with a 'racist' tag attached to it...then why is psychiatry accepted after you watched this video and see what it is really about? Where it originates from.

Becuz firstly, they are attempting to hide and someone like me is not.

They have taken their ponderings and gone so far with them as to make them into a belief system and then taken actions on those beliefs even so far as to use manipulation to cover up their actions.

They also have bought themselves legitimacy's through manipulation.

I purposely brought this up to show how the authority figure or big guy is often corrupted or criminal and the TI is one person who is being victimized. People go along due to the campaign allowing them to feel some sense of satisfaction as well as they fear the big guy.

The fact that they actually use moral judgement to this end is nothing short of sickening. This is why all TI's should ignore everything that is said about them. If the system wants to play games then they lose all cred with whatever comes out of thier mouths. This is also why anything bad about a TI has to be put out through channels that appear to be just gossip or 'word on the street'.

Certain kinds of men or women who sympathize with them are largely responsible for this as it seems their hatred of their own weaknesses is never ending. As is their search for relief at the expense of a female.

This is also how a natural curiosity and intelligence is used against the person.

You see from the video that manipulation of the truth or of facts is rampant in this system and its used to target people as well as to hide the truth in say, a profession.

Anyway, aside from that little example of how a TI can be marketed ..the video is quite good.

Still daily we deal with the public hanging onto their view of reality that makes their lives possible, thus they aren't going to stray from that easily.

By the way I see that some of the greatest casualties of psychiatry are the urban communities and the 'underclass'.

Can you believe that it was expected that I would just accept that I was just mentally ill and line up at the med window and thus Rach is out of the way? But I am tall with angular athletic bone structure and...hmm. I sound 'upperclass'. Well what am I doing down here then? Welcome to the rabbit hole.

As long as you have this system of supporting untruths and lies YOU HAVE ALLOTTA BALLS ASKING THE POPULATION TO BEHAVE IN CERTAIN WAYS AND BE OBEDIENT.

You are also the height of irony and bullshit by destroying someone who appears by your insane judgements to be upper class yet you tried to use psychiatry in part to make them into someone who was lower class.

So who is your god really? Beauty, height, intelligence, talent and the superior human? Or is it all a front to make power mongering attractive?

I think the people who are wielding this monster need to be last psychiatrist..she looked old in her face. Her last name seemed perhaps eastern European. She wasn't attractive enough. She had children...perhaps she should be sterilized. Alot of the white middle upper class bitches who put me here need to 'perfect themselves' . Seems that the people behind psychiatry or practicing are imperfect and need to be tended to.

That was comical of course but it shows that these kinds of things are perpetuated by really people who are inferior and petty and how it would be if things were reversed.

Hey, we all want a world of beautiful people...that's ok when your young. But as you get older you need to start seeing that there is more to tend to in the world than just keeping out reality. If you still do so when you are older you are an irresponsible f*ck and need to keep this tendency to yourself. If not then there is something lacking in you, something that needs to be addicted to perfection and beauty...something lacking in YOU.

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