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Friday, January 30, 2009

PTSD and suicide/ vets and ptsd

This video is something I want to pass on anyway.
Personally I never had patience for people messing with vets. Its a simple barter. They gave something and so you owe them for a sacrifice.
Why are the vets listed killing themselves as such?? I cannot believe that we still live in a society that still insists on conditioning people to be able to kill other humans which is naturally against human nature (unless the beef is personal or your a murderer by nature) normally, then is not deprogramming them. Its unbelievable to me...but then we would have to admit to the existence of mind control being real and cant have that.

For my other purposes it demonstrates also another factor in why TI's commit suicide.

I know that it seems to figure into many TI's profile and also is used against us by the perps making sure that they create as many new memory clips as possible. This just grinds us down mentally until we cant take it anymore. Along with society seeming to not care or even hate us, and the personal job they do on us with shaming and humiliation the formula is lethal.

Survivors of programming: if you are targeted for this reason then PTSD is part of you already anyway. The perps will work on that part of the internal system. You know that it is what carries commands over the years... Over and over and over. Its the ptsd that runs them over and over again. This is the same system that the perps exploit by making sure they create many new traumatic memories and attach other things into the system to make it so you are running memories of perps insulting you over and over multiple times a day. Sexuality is used once they hook into that, they can add this into the formula as a stressor.
What they are doing is running you into the ground emotionally and mentally with this system that used to be for thumbnails used in the internal systems programming.
Your own system then destroys you and no one knows but you and the perps.
This is also why if you were not diagnosed before with PTSD then your doc may turn on you and do so. If they add something bogus like other mental illness or paranoia you are going to be likely watched as someone who is going to 'snap'.


If you are targeted likely you have little control over tech issues. Do the best you can to negotiate with all interface systems. YOU are the (or have a) master programmer internally and dont ever forget it.

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  1. I've noticed that. They have this thing where they have one harassing (in the form of a severely distressing image) hooked into one memory, but the one memory has a distressing emotional state hooked into that, and they feed off each other in a positive feedback loop. The result is your own psyche is eating itself in a self-destruct mode.

    Of course, this self-destructing image that I refer to various according to each individual, and is very internal to each TI. This is one way TI's are isolated from each other. What one TI reports as being harassing is another TI's 'so what'.

    Also, on the topic of vets, I remember this one commercial (maybe it was a show?) from a while back about Vietnam vets. The guy in the commercial said he remembers telling people 'yeah, I just came back from Vietnam." And the person would just say "so what?! so what?!" That's the attitude we TI's get from everybody.