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Friday, January 16, 2009

High intelligence

A perp talking to another in CT, not knowing I was around the corner, made this older perp mad by responding " Yeah, but she's highly intelligent", and of course he was really mean to me in our following interaction.

The profile of a person who recieves high level programming is usually a female from a broken home who is very verbal, highly creative and intelligent with intergenerational disacossiative ability. Some are also bred to have strong constitutions or be sexually attractive, depending on thier function(s).

The reason you cannot program someone of lower intel and creativity is that being able to think in the abstract is important to being programable.

However, the WAY it is done, how traumatized the person is and is kept throughout life as well as how controlled and beat down/kept down they are is what creates not only the compartmentalization but the idea that people think the survivor is autistic or that they are truly a bimbo or stupid. Often this is a 'front alter' and underneath there is a highly intelligent person.

The tests that are used to measure intelligence in the normal everyday they really measure intelligence properly? And I take offense to the fact that people who are artisticly GIFTED who may not care or be trained in other areas test poorly or are considered autistic.

THE ONLY MEASURE OF REALITY IN THE HUMAN WORLD THAT IS TRUTH IS BASED IN THE PRIMITIVE. We exist in a man made reality....and every cultural norm can there be a uniform measure of smarts??

People who live in realities who do not ackowledge this will find that they will always be involved in class wars, race wars, gender etc etc.

Becuz no one is counting the universal similarities among humans. All humans laugh, they can love or hate, they feel loss, they have sex, they seek security or comfort, they seek satisfaction. Why is this SO HARD to understand?? If you ignore this and start cutting up society and then labeling YOUR truth as THE truth..YOU ARE A LIAR. A fraud.

A programmed person may have genius level intelligence but act very stupid. WHY? Becuz they have been basically gas lighted thier whole lives. Kept from reality and handled and controlled by others. They fall into the hands of controlling people-often seemingly be chance but really by design. It is NOT a programmed persons fault they have been held down their whole lives just so others can use them.

And people in the sciences need to do less probing and studying and more interviewing (that isnt biased or has a controlled outcome or 'leads the witness (patient)'. ALOT of what the medical field does in order to get to the truth would never be allowed in a court rooom..hmmmm...

Why do they always have to study the WORST autistic person then find one who is artistically talented, then start seeking a way to link autism to artists??? Its all such BS. And like all info of this kind it is often used to get rid of dissidents, truly talented artists whose work might pose a threat to the status quo if not to the political system somehow or system of repression, and of course tbmc survivors with high level programming.

This is why no one ever learns anything by simply sitting down and talking to people they are curious about.

People do all these studies on homelessness and the homeless I talk to who are often grown persons who had lives at one time, so have life experience of all kinds, complian that they are treated like children constantly. The youngsters are the worst, at 37 I am starting to get annoyed with a 20 year old telling me what to do or judging what is appropriate. What the hell do they know?? Often their decisions are off and I can see why the young bug the old now. I also now see that this society shit cans older people who might make a council of wise elders becuz the very young can be fooled into doing things the systems way.

There is a difference between the young rising up against the old who are not listening to thier new ideas and oppressing them, and the young who are gullible doing the systems bidding who are now the oppressors not listening to the old.

The same occurs in these fields where people want everyone to think they are discovering things with studies. Why dont you just sit down and talk to me or ask me? Its so obvious that the questions are asked in a way to support a certain resulting conclusion-often.

High intelligence often has to be hidden to support the oppression of a certain group of people. The homeless are a good example. They are seen as defective in some way, especially the chronic homeless. What if, like myself, one is fighting oppression?

Here is a study I find ridiculous, considering that as a person who was highly intelligent and is now average I think, I suffered PTSD from very early trauma. This in fact help MASK my intelligence levels in my daily expressions and my life chioces. Also, programming could not exist without what they call PTSD. The act of involuntarily running information over and over again mentally and emotionally IS the mechanics of programming. Memories of trauma that keep you controlled (quiet), post hypnotic suggestions, commands- this is all intricate to programming. Yet, high intelligence is being supressed due to the constant focus on trauma. This study better note that its only used grown truama victims, who are MALE, who have seen combat, overt warfare, and that it was physical violence in a setting with a support system of other combatants.

This study better list the complete profile of its test subjects cuz it sounds like its making a sweeping generalization...and with how many shrinks now want to label everyone with PTSD and how many people get on the dole with that---its dangerous. That means if you claim PTSD you are stupid etc..its creates a slide (an automatic perception) in peoples minds and it is then used to make judgements about individuals or groups.

This article shows the typical bitchiness I have come to experience among people in the sciences and some of the medical field.

Wake up. Not all science and medical professionals are good and trustworthy. I talk to medical people and there seems to be alot of differences acknowledged by them among different practices. This, of course the public must not know about so that 'every' scientist is just so wonderful and trying to bring us all a bright new future- not assist in psychological warfare on the masses, a select group, or individuals.

I am sick of everyone in the western world being intimidated into having thier perceptions rules through these studies. People from the WW II era have more sense about other human beings than Gen x or Y ever will. There is a naturalness to thier way of judging people. What one knew about People, not what one was TOLD about people.

Income and intelligence: (HA!)

Divide and conquer is a very old effective tactic. And I think that these kinds of studies we have been seeing alot over past years that seem to be taking the public on the sick ride of dissecting all humans to find out whats inside, are actually helping to divide society. We have all become subjects to study not a species to enjoy life or each others company.

My problem is that I am moving along or had moved along to concentrating on all humans similarities of course out of synch with the times I live in (whats new?) either ahead or behind the trend. No wonder I am so miserable. Its simply that when a programmed person deprograms its like someone opened the door and you are now allowed out. It was time to investigate the world outside with full knowledge of who I was and what I was capable of. To test this also. The world is fascinating to me due to programmed people are left to live inside themselves and often surrounded by controlling domineering people and families who keep them like slaves...its known that black slaves often created rich inner lives (day dreaming, fantasising) to survivr mentally and emotioanally. Also to have a 'safe place' interanally. Also, in a world where you are scared to even have a look on your face that indicates what you are feeling or thinking living internally may be necessary.
Just as I was waking up, the world was being put into a deep freeze by fear and intimidation. People are so overwhelmed they secretly hate, live in walled commuinities or gentrify open or public spaces to not 'see' reality. Systematic ignoring works as well ( so I notice). America has become a very controlled society who still is forced to live with the claim it is free. The terrorists have won and I am not just talking abou the claimed foriegn ones. Your no supposed to let them win psychologically ! Political correctness has helped these conditions develop as well over the years.

Basically we are all told that there is so much corruption in the world that this new way of doing things is the only way to create a manageable global order.
There is alot of the people not being trusted to manage thier own affairs. Is it becuz the internet provides so much information, that people are so spoiled nowadays that we must be managed this way?

THe problem is that I dont like much about the culture I live in..even besides being targeted. America provides no place to go now to escape mainstream culture. Its like that scene out of Clockwork. They'll hold your eyes open and make you watch whether you like it or not. And you will become dumbed down intellectually and if not you will be dumbed down emotioanlly.

THAT is the key to a good class war and a cold war as well. There is a snob epidemic among educated people nowadays that shows the lowering of thier emotional intelligence, as they are given the idea they have 'won' somehow, by being the victors in the education game.

The income winners are a different breed of snob, but they also feel they have won...they can always be frightened off with some Maltoff' cocktails of 'big words' or some other expression of superior intel.

The intel snob or degree snob is the hardest becuz even if they engage in a conversation at first for pleasure it seems it always turns into a sparring match and not an enjoyable sporting one. As this happens to me, I always secretly think 'why is this person so stupid'? What I mean is why are they so lacking in compassion or true high intel which would contain sensitivity? Or emotional intelligence. This is why most TI's cant take even the most talented, effective perp seriously. It just isnt of the highest order, nor is it normal even, for people-humans to be THIS cruel to someone if THEY have a satisfying life themselves or if THEY are amusing themselves with excersising thier powers properly. TI's can sense the weakness in these people, its also telling that they can never be alone and that in order to even BE a gang stalker, you'd have to be in on a mob or collective that shares info and observations about the Target (mis/dis info alot of times).

ALot of highly intelligent people are going to be destroyed and driven into the streets by groups who serve some interest, who play out the 'angry mob' role. Of course they are being manipulated but either they do not see or they do not care. Either they are stupid/ naive or they are emotionally set towards being destructive due to programming, conditioning either individually or culturally.

So these tests of intelligence and these judgements always are dangerous. If programming and gang stalking is never acknowledged and such things never factored in then tests on PTSD, intelligence, disorders...are all going to be untruthful and inaccurate.

Wanna hear something about studies? From the ground level: Alot of poor people, homeless and others in this population, mostly men, are the ones that they use for those studies for meds or gathering info for various things concerning treatments of disorders or studies of them.

I personally know people who get paid to do all these studies and lie thier asses off, dont take the pills, or just tell them what they want to hear to get paid.

So you see on this base level how studies are untruthful and especially when no one accounts for the subjects totally.

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AJH said...

I get the "you're so intelligent" line often. I don't know why they do this as I am merely average, as determined by tests they had me take some 10 years ago. I am really mystified by this one, as the norm is that the perps are keen on emotional trashing more than anything.