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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the public knows...

Idol is considered entertainment here..what the hell do YOU think?? They probly know what they have been shown and thats it. Its what they dont know thats important.

Sometimes I have young kids laughing the girls tend to be a bit more sypathetic. This generation known as millenials is very controlled via being plugged into tech all the time and dont see reality clearly and also are still young and rarely do the young understand they are mistaken.

I am not going to take seriously the opinions of a group of women who just in the last 10 years or less learned that they get their periods and boys are not
yukky. These people appear babies to me at 37. Unfortunately the system uses my youthfulness against me becuz they often seem think I am closer to thier age. When they learn I am 37 they often get more respectful and back off.

THis is why perps want to know every bit and detail about a TI. I assume they want to see what they can use to manipulate the public with the creation of the deception that is the bad pr/image campaign.

Cathy Obrien said that there was a point where she honestly believed that everyone knew about mind control..and it does seem that way. What Eleanor White refers to as the system of making it look like 'lifes regular breaks' does indeed work to hide the activity from the public, but it also works inversely (of course) on the TI's sanity. It makes you see what are TRULY lifes regular non gang stalking related breaks and hassles as all related to gang stalking.
I am very fortunate. Somehow I have been able to reprogram my system to just be a target and that is a shame but the purpose of this is to keep us prisoner. My intellect is spent measuring and weighing and figuring out-sifting thru info to see if some incident was gang stalking and a perp or was it just happenstance. WHy?? Becuz it is important to realize that mind games are real, but it is also important to realize that there are non related hassles everyday.
In the beginning there was no doubt about who was a perp and who was not...the perps would tell me things to let me know that they had superior knowledge about my life. This was the putting in the prison phase..now I am so captured that they need do little that is overt. My mind is trianed to do threat assesment every minute..not live my life. This is what keeps a TI in the 'prison'..internalized fear. And you dont dare stop becuz you never know if they will attack you again sometime in the future as aggressively as in the beginning. You are now trianed to fear the possibility of attack.
Being a TI is just like being in jail....the guards have now abused you so you can be aware that this is always possible. Now you need only accept you are never getting out and their prison is complete..this is the meaning of 'accept your situation' told to me in person by a female perp.

This is your reality...the public I think are largely unaware of what is going on. This country has traditionally been conditioned to ignore what goes on in the shadows as not part of thier daily reality. They cannot deal with it I dont think that horrors of all kinds go on everyday. Only people who have a natural mindset for this are going to be open to this sort of reality and also people who find such things of personal interest or profession. Criminal justice types I assume or social scientists, political majors..people who are dealing in the full picture or want truth so are willing to accept possibilities.

That is why the public are used so much in these deceptions. They are engaging in a belief not in investigation. What they seek is not truth or facts they seek entertainment or relief. THerefore as someone who has been forced into a position wehre you have to play alot of roles like your own security force, a detective, a writer, a historian, a researcher--being a TI is a tough job and no one pays you. You do all you do just to stay alive. The public must never know of this becuz they are used best when they are sicked on the TI as a mob, though they often do not understand that that is thier function or the result of thier actions.

It is important not to INTERNALIZE public opinion due to the fact that it is most likely mis/dis informed and there fore of no value. You also do not, from your vantage point, have accurate rundown of exactly what they do know or percieve. Alot of TI's can guess from thier reactions and I think alot of the public are not gang stalkers...I think they are just shown a fabrication. Perps are the ones who perpetuate your misery and actually know a bit about what is going on.

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  1. I do get questioned a lot, and the questioners are often the ones doing directed conversations. It seems some of them do just enough harassment that the bigger more powerful perps leave them alone. To those I thank them. It's hard for me to tell if those people are the ones doing the disinfo/slander.

    Maybe certain people I come into contact with are setup this way, and this is one way the real perps do an attack on me? I can forgive them if they were coerced into doing this. But how do I know they are the perps, not helpless prisoners themselves decoying as perps? Or maybe it's way more complicated than this, and they are assuming both roles, where I can't tell which role they are in?

    I have no clue as to who's doing what... maybe get a bunch of people to make anonymous complaints about me to get the others to harass me? Or maybe the dual-role of questioner/harasser is yet another mind game to make me think they are genuine perps? I've noticed their system is like a huge tree, where all the branches branch out into tiny branches, but all of them except this one tiny branch you can't see are decoys/midirections.

    For a long time I thought that a certain family (some of which were Masons) were the main controllers/perps/planners, but it seems obvious to me that such a system would have to be setup that way to get me to go that blind alley. There are red herrings, misdirections, and decoys laid out all over the place so, naturally, I went all those routes, and started lashing out at the wrong people/families.